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Sydney CDO Summit 2016

Accenture Digital was proud to present the 2016 Sydney Chief Digital Officer Summit – a gathering of Australia’s best and brightest CDOs and CMOs.



The following content was explored as part of the 2016 Sydney CDO Summit. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these topics, please contact us for further information.

Leadership Insights

Dave Maunsell, Managing Director for Accenture Digital Australia and New Zealand, shares his thoughts on the role of the Chief Digital Officer, the opportunities that lie ahead for this role and the conversations he is currently having with Australian CDOs.

Michael Buckley, Managing Director for Accenture Interactive Australia and New Zealand, talks about customer personalisation, why this is important to a CDO and the fine line between ‘creepy versus cool.’

Connect with Accenture Digital

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Dave Maunsell
Managing Director
Accenture Digital ANZ 

Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley
Managing Director
Accenture Interactive ANZ

Marek Rucinski

Marek Rucinski
Managing Director
Accenture Analytics ANZ

Abraham Sahely

Abe Sahely
Managing Director
Accenture Mobility ANZ

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