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Cricket Australia: Bringing fans closer to the game they love

With the help of Accenture, Cricket Australia now leads the Australian sports industry’s digital evolution.


Wherever cricket is played – be it at the MCG, the Gabba or a local sports oval – it draws a vibrant crowd of devoted fans.

In the 2014 to 2015 season, Australian cricket attracted a national TV audience of more than 24 million people, while more than 725,000 Australians attended a live cricket match.

Even so, Cricket Australia wanted to up its game. So it started a digital transformation journey to bring fans even closer to every match, providing them with rich and engaging experiences that were personalised and instantly available. And it selected Accenture as its Digital Technology Partner.


The evolution of digital media is changing the way Australian audiences access and enjoy their favourite sports. Cricket Australia’s successful digital transformation means that cricket fans now have access to a content-rich website, an app and a variety of other digital experiences.


From the outset, Accenture aimed to create a digital solution that would be accessible to all fans and support Cricket Australia’s goal of becoming the nation’s top online destination for sports enthusiasts.

This meant drawing on Accenture’s experience creating targeted content for large organisations, including more than 15,000 online events.

Our digital transformation work has been a resounding success, and Accenture played a large part in helping the fans get closer to the game they love.

Ben Amarfio

General Manager, Media, Communications & Marketing, Cricket Australia


Accenture worked with Cricket Australia to identify what fans love most about the game. Is it the great players like David Warner and Steve Smith? The tension of the Ashes? Other international rivalries?

We learnt that modern cricket fans value all these things, and wanted to enjoy them with more immediacy and mobility. So we delivered a suite of digital products designed to allow fans to enjoy the game more easily, wherever they are. These included:

  • a live streaming platform

  • a mobile app (Cricket Australia Live)

  • a content-rich website.

The Results

With Accenture’s help, Cricket Australia has achieved its goal of becoming the Australian sports industry’s leading provider of an exciting digital experience for fans.

The results couldn’t be clearer – like the Australian cricket team, Cricket Australia dominates the competition.
As consumer viewing habits continue to evolve, it is vital for all sporting organisations to re imagine how they can create an incredible experience for their fan base.

Russell Smyth

Managing Director, Communications, Media & Technology, Accenture Australia and New Zealand


It’s one thing to listen to a radio broadcast of the cricket, but some things – such as Shane Warne’s ‘ball of the century’ – need to be seen to be believed. That’s why Cricket Australia took advantage of Accenture’s video streaming technology to launch Cricket Australia Live: The Official App.

Now, wherever they are, fans can watch each international match unfold on their mobile devices.


If you’d like to know more, please contact:

Peter Stevenson

Peter Stevenson
Cricket Australia Account Lead -
Communications, Media & Technology


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