Catherine Garner

Accenture Health & Public Service Industry Lead,
Australia and New Zealand


Catherine Garner

Finding answers to the big questions that today’s societies face – from capitalising on new and emerging technologies, to understanding the changing expectations of citizens, to driving better performance in healthcare and public services through innovation – is a fascinating challenge.

Now, as the lead for Accenture’s over 1,000-strong people dedicated to serving government and health clients in Australia and New Zealand, I’m proud that we’re able to help them solve their challenges every day.

Whether they’re local agencies, or nationwide departments, organisations in the government and healthcare space face similar kinds of questions. But the answers to these questions are never the same. It’s what makes this work so endlessly compelling.

Drawing on our long and deep-rooted heritage in the public sector, as well as the power of innovation and emerging technologies, we’re continuously discovering new ways to help our clients in the region do things differently, and do different things. From increasing productivity to enhancing citizen experiences and employee engagement, we bring the power of Accenture globally together with local industry to help improve the way Australians and New Zealanders live, work and play.

Most recently, I’ve been working with government clients in the human services sector that are providing essential services to the citizens most in need in our communities. We’ve been redesigning the way these kinds of services are provided to people in the digital age and reengineering the background processes and systems that are essential in making those services run smoothly and efficiently.

These are important and valuable projects because they showcase how, in the end, it’s all about combining local heart and global strength to make government and health work better for us all. Innovation that matters, in other words.