Balaji Ram

Managing Director—Application Services Lead Australia & New Zealand


As application services lead for Accenture in Australia and New Zealand, Balaji Ram is dedicated to offering best in class systems integration and application outsourcing solutions to our clients.

Focused on driving Accenture’s future of applications vision around liquid, intelligent and connected applications, Balaji’s expertise spans the full application lifecycle and covers custom systems, leading technology platforms (both traditional and cloud/SaaS based) and all emerging technologies.

Balaji has more than 13 years of experience in sales and technology consulting. He began his IT career in India and since then has built and led large outsourcing relationships, technology transformations, application transitions and complex IT programs.

Balaji most recently worked for an Indian global IT services company specialising in IT consulting, application services, infrastructure and BPO. He has also been part of a global team involved in formulating business strategy, services re-definition and execution roadmaps.

A true subject matter expert, Balaji has authored numerous articles and points of view about new banking business models, payments and core transformation, published in leading industry publications.

Balaji is based in Sydney.

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