Ann Burns

Accenture Resources Industry Lead, Australia and New Zealand


I lead Accenture’s Resources team for Australia and New Zealand, where we help mining, chemicals, energy, utilities and water companies adapt and thrive as they face the disruptive changes their industries are going through, whether that’s caused by deregulation, mergers and divestments, or the impact of new technologies.

My real passion is in finding answers to the challenging questions that digital is asking: If digital is inevitably going to be the catalyst for change how do you avoid digital disappointment? How do you manage an amphidextrous organisation with the old world and new world in parallel? Can data truly be monestised? How best to elevate people with the use of technology and create exceptional workforce experiences? These are big and exciting questions. It’s a fascinating time to be working in the resources industry.

Since joining Accenture over 20 years ago, I’ve worked with clients in the consumer products sector, as well as those in utilities, natural resources and energy, advising them on their corporate strategies, helping them deal with complex business changes, and guiding them on how best to evolve their business and operating models. In that time, I’ve been lucky enough to work extensively with a diverse set of clients across Asia Pacific, something which was not only rewarding in itself, but also gave me a detailed understanding of the nuances of each of the different markets in the region.

Before Accenture, I practised as an Architect and worked in Construction and International Business Development. After being awarded an MBA from Warwick Business School in the UK, I moved to Australia, where I’m now very proud to be the custodian of one of the nation’s oldest Hill Station Gardens in the beautiful surroundings of Mount Macedon, Victoria.