Ipswich is now one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. It is a community of just over 200,000 people that is on track to double in the next 15 years. Ipswich’s population increase and the shift from traditional industries to new industries including digital technology means that the City needs to prepare for the growth and demand future generations will place on infrastructure, planning and the environment. The City is witnessing growth in both public and private investments in these areas which are integral to job creation and future economic growth.

Ipswich City Council identified challenges that need to be tackled if it was to become a smart city and achieve its vision of:

  • Transitioning Ipswich as a city for digital businesses
  • Developing equitable strategies for digital access and education
  • Encouraging citizens to see Ipswich as a safe and desirable community to study, work and live
  • Creating an environment that fosters innovation and the setup of new businesses

Strategy and solution

The key for success in realising the Ipswich City Council's ambition was a defined approach including:

Placing the needs of people at the centre of each decision in the problem-solving process enabled Accenture and Council to develop a blueprint that would provide healthy, active and fulfilling lives for Ipswich residents.

Engaging with industry partners, council staff, government agencies, and all other internal and external stakeholders brought multiple perspectives to the project and drove creativity to allow breakthroughs and true innovation to emerge.

Accenture followed its' technology agnostic approach to provide an end-to-end solution to empower Council on its' journey to become Australia's most liveable and prosperous city.

Together with Council, Accenture developed 16 initiatives to be implemented in the next three to five years, all with clear outcomes around the core drivers of liveability, jobs, and growth.

“In developing Ipswich City Council’s Smart City Vision and Blueprint, we had to ensure the citizen was at the heart of every decision we made to create a thriving and liveable city that would continue to grow and create jobs for the future”

— Janine Griffiths, Managing Director – Infrastructure Cities and Councils, Australia


Ipswich City Council’s Smart City Blueprint and Implementation Plan was completed in six months and included:

Development of the smart city vision

Established and agreed the principles for Ipswich as a Smart Digital City.

Peer cities assessment

An assessment of cities across the globe to bring to Ipswich leading practices, lessons learned, and pitfalls to watch out.

Capability assessment

Current Smart Digital City initiatives were assessed against progress and constraints. Platforms, technology and analytics capabilities were reviewed to form the baseline for the implementation plan.

Initiative prioritisation

More than 400 ideas and opportunities were refined through consultation to a set of 8 themes and 16 priority initiatives.

Blueprint development

Profiles were developed for each smart city initiative including common platforms and enablers.

Implementation plan development

For each of the 16 priority initiatives, Accenture outlined detailed implementation activity.

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