Versum Materials (Versum) is an electronic materials company that supplies premier specialty gases and products to the semiconductor industry. The company has 132 facilities, 34 locations and 14 manufacturing plants around the world.

After separating from Air Products in October 2016, Versum continued to rely on its former parent company’s IT systems to support its business under a transition service agreement (TSA). However, it was a priority for Versum to transform its operations and support rapid growth. As such, Versum needed to implement its own fully-enabled SAP ERP system to achieve its goals and facilitate its exit from the TSA.

"Accenture really delivered on this project, bringing forward a solution that has provided us with a leading-edge ERP solution that expedited our exit from the TSA and allowed us to get our operations underway as a standalone company. A great testament to the collaboration between Versum and Accenture," said David Beltz, CIO, Versum.

Versum Materials | Implementing SAP S/4HANA For Business Transformation

Versum Materials worked with Accenture to deliver a full rollout of SAP S/4HANA version 1610 Enterprise Management. See more.

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Strategy and solution

Versum and Accenture collaborated to deliver one of the first go-lives of SAP S/4HANA v1610 Enterprise Management. From design to testing to deployment, the implementation went smoothly with minimal disruption to Versum’s business.

As part of this program, Versum needed a new solution to help warehouse operators track, record and process containers. The Apple and Accenture partnership team immersed itself at Versum before quickly co-designing and building a custom iOS container tracking mobile app. The app enables faster workflow management and real-time updates of Versum’s SAP system.

Consistent project delivery and a fit-for-purpose solution were critically important. As such, Versum and Accenture worked together to ensure:

  • Standardization: Leveraging SAP and industry best practices
  • Harmonization: Ensuring consistency across business units
  • Simplification: Keeping it simple and enhancing over time
  • Scalability: Supporting growth through a scalable platform

Versum Materials: iOS Container Tracking App

Versum Materials worked with Accenture to develop a custom iOS app to help warehouse operators track, record and process containers. See more.

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This multifaceted project was delivered in just 15 months without disruption to Versum’s global supply chain. Versum is now well positioned to optimize operations, manage costs and leverage real-time analytics. Furthermore, its IT landscape is now:


The robust SAP S/4HANA solution provides Versum with a solid foundation for operating as a standalone company and transforming its business to succeed in the specialty materials segment.


Having moved off the TSA with Air Products, Versum can more easily support standard processes and activities, from business planning to supply chain and financial management to analytics.


The highly automated solution allows for a number of special capabilities, most notably the custom iOS container tracking app for real-time inventory tracking that was delivered in just 14 weeks.

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