Call for change

As Covid-19 raced across the world, lockdowns, remote-working and isolation followed. Organisations needed to rapidly check on and respond to their employees, deploying support to hundreds of thousands of people. People lacked equipment to work, felt unsafe, missed connecting with colleagues and were dependent on accessing relief or vaccines.

Restrictions in severely impacted India led Accenture to mobilise 200K+ people to work from home, across a wide geographic area. This entailed distributing tens of thousands of laptops and computers in less than a week – as well as Wi-Fi hotspots and uninterrupted power sources.

Accenture’s automation-wizard in Australia, Luke Higgins, saw an opportunity. For several years, his tight-knit, ultra-passionate AiOps team had run small-scale versions of two, patented Accenture-created automation products. The team believed these tools could be combined and applied in new ways, with new systems and data sources, to address the crisis.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Accenture’s AiOps team pushed the boundaries of technology and human limits to create myBuddy – an automation tool that enables us and our clients to speak to masses of employees incredibly quickly and makes it super-easy for people to respond.

myBuddy drives greater engagement and faster responses than any other communications method in the world. The solution leverages myWizard, Accenture’s intelligent automation platform. Unlike manual methods it effortlessly reaches hundreds of thousands of people per day, using data to determine what content is relevant, for who, and how and when they are most likely to engage.

Because myBuddy presents complex information in a simple and dynamic way, it makes responding attractive and effortless. Response rates are through the roof – up to as high as 80%, compared to email at 4%. At the same time, the manual effort of chasing information across a global workforce has been stripped away, enabling HR teams to respond to unfolding workforce needs.

“myBuddy is an example of how Accenture’s innovation solves real world problems, while driving significant change. It shows how we look beyond technology to personalise innovation by being creative, adaptive and resilient.”

— Luke Higgins, Managing Director, Automation Lead – Accenture

A valuable difference

The creation of this automation tool and expansion to massive scale happened almost overnight. In just four days, myBuddy connected with 300K people per day, helping them to stay connected, keep working and regularly report their wellbeing. Within 18 months, from Sydney to Mumbai, >510K people connected with myBuddy. The automation tool played a central role in providing relief and vaccinations in India for 440K+ employees and families.

Beyond pandemic checks, myBuddy, is solving massive productivity challenges for Accenture and our clients. The tool reduces the daily grind by effortlessly engaging with people to simplify everyday tasks like completing compliance checklists and surveys – or updating skills.

Ultimately, it’s myBuddy’s success at getting human responses that’s the critical factor in how it will continue to change lives. Because faster information and better data quality leads to better decisions, effortless engagement and better productivity for a better future.


people connected around the world




average response rates (compared with 4% for email)

“There’s a very high level of empathy within this team. We support each other’s needs and we actively think about how we can best serve our customers, clients and users’ needs. myBuddy benefits from this empathy and support.”

— Isabella Moore, Advanced App Engineering Specialist – Accenture

Get to know Isabella

I’m the operations lead for myBuddy – an automation tool driving greater engagement and faster responses than any communications method in the world

Isabella Moore

Specialist – Technology, Cloud First

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