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Applications have now closed for our internships starting in July. Check out the application process below to see the next steps.

Put your best foot forward and get the most out of your internship experience! Check out the stories below from current interns and advice from our recruiters.

Not ready for an internship but are wondering where you could fit in? Whatever stage of study you are at, we have a program or activity for you. We want you to bring your best self to work each day and we will support you to gain skills and real-world experience that will help you launch your career.

We will also be out on campus throughout the year so please keep an eye out and come by to say hi.


Step 1


This application looks at your experiences across work, learning and teams, along with your outside interests, recent results and interest in joining us. You’ll also be asked to upload a copy of your resume at this point in the following format:

  • PDF preferred over Word
  • Save your CV/Resume as “Name_CV” or “Name_Resume”
  • A cover letter is not required, but if you want to do one please upload it as a separate PDF document titled "Name_Cover Letter"
  • Please do not upload any other documents during your initial application (i.e. no transcript)

Step 2


Here you’ll be contacted by our Graduate Recruiting Team and may be asked to elaborate on any of the material you’ve provided to us in your application, assessment or interview. If any further discussions or skill-testing is required, we’ll also let you know about this.

Step 3


Successful candidates will be invited to attend an interview day where you will have a face-to-face interview with one of our managers from the business.

Step 4


Well done, you're in! Once you're formally approved to start you will be contacted by HR regarding next steps and your onboarding process.

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Open House

Across the year we will be opening our doors to a select group of students, offering the opportunity to experience how Accenture collaborates and innovates through live demonstrations, presentations and Q&A sessions! Sign up to be notified when they are next happening.

Case Crack

Enter our 3-hour Case Study Competition and be in with a chance to win a tour of our office and grab coffee with an Accenture Leader. Sign up to be notified when we’re running the competition.



We offer 4-week and 6-month internships. Applications open in March and September, keep an eye on our website or follow us on social media to find out how to apply.


Diploma Careers

Complete your studies, then step straight into an exciting career. Sounds good? To be eligible you need to have a non-degree diploma.


Technology Bootcamp

Boost your knowledge during this 4-day immersive tech experience and expose yourself to concepts that take in machine learning, coding, analytics, DevOps and much, much more.


Accenture Hackathon

What can you create with Blockchain in 24 hours? See where your imagination leads you with this exciting technology! Get a chance to present your ideas to recruiters from Accenture Technology. Follow us on Facebook for more information.



Stay a step ahead of the game with careers tips, inside perspectives on life at Accenture, recruiter advice and industry-leading insights. We've shared a few stories we think will be useful for you, but check out our Careers Blog for a full range of stories and experiences from our people.


Nicola Campbell
Graduate Recruitment Lead
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Nicole Lange
Graduate Recruiter
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Mantri Boange
Graduate Recruiter
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Hemisha Khapre
Graduate Recruiter
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Ashley J Negi
Graduate Recruiter
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Tom Hundleby
Graduate Recruiter
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Louise Klupacs
Graduate Recruiter

Rowena Genova
Graduate Recruiter

Aisling McGann
Graduate Recruiter
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Ravinder Kaur
Graduate Recruiter
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