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Dirk Martinick


Recruitment Lead – Growth Platforms

As a recruiter, what do you look for in potential applicants?
I look for talents who know their strengths and their areas of development. I also look for those who are always working to better themselves. It’s important that applicants have the initiative to challenge the status quo and implement valuable change, and that they are curious and eager to understand all aspects of the business. Relationship building is key, may it be collaborating with teammates, internal stakeholders or clients. It’s important to know the customer and the commercial environment and to build strong, long-term relationships. Lastly, I also look for talents who take pride in the quality of their work, ensuring that deliverables are met and every effort is taken to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.

What is your go-to interview question? Why do you ask this?
“When have you been the most excited at work and why?” I like to understand what motivates people, what they’re passionate about, what sort of work they enjoy and how they like to be managed.

What is the strongest piece of advice you can give a potential applicant?
Be prepared. Regardless of whether an applicant has 2 years or 20+ years of experience, during their career there’s no doubt they’ve faced many tough challenges and delivered some great work. Ensure your resume properly highlights your achievements and then in the interview be prepared to talk through in detail your individual contributions and career highlights. Unfortunately too often I feel candidates sabotage themselves by being unprepared at interviews and you hear too many candidates walk out of an interview saying “I forgot to mention ‘this’, or I wish I had told them ‘that’”.


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