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Ajay Pinto


Recruitment Lead – Accenture Digital

As a recruiter, what do you look for in potential applicants?
One of the key attributes is having the right attitude. It is important to understand how a candidate has operated in similar environments, how he or she has contributed to deliverables, learnt and shared knowledge with others, etc. It is important that the candidate is able to articulate not just his or her experience, but also achievements indicating he or she has gone above and beyond his or her day-to-day role.

What is your go-to interview question? Why do you ask this?
“Why are you looking to move on from the current role?” or “What are you looking for in your next career opportunity?” Actively listening to the response provides a clearer understanding of a candidate’s motives and key levers for a job change or new opportunity. Ensuring there is a match or managing expectations very early in the recruitment process can save everyone a lot of time while working towards the desired outcome.

What is the strongest piece of advice you can give a potential applicant?
Do your research. Look up company details, past background, clients, services and products offered, job opportunities and office culture. With the amount of material freely available online, most employers would expect candidates to have some knowledge on the company and what it is like working there. Doing your research will also allow you to have a few well-thought-out questions you can ask during the process.


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