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How it Works

Once you’re part of Talent Marketplace, you’ll join Accenture’s priority list of
people who receive alerts for opportunities before they are posted anywhere
else. All matches are based on your profile and preferences. An Accenture
Talent Relationship Manager will walk you through the process, and once you’re
registered, you’re ready to go.


What is Talent Marketplace?

Think of Talent Marketplace as your gateway to Accenture’s best contracting opportunities. You can work alongside skilled and talented people on a range of exciting projects. By building this marketplace Accenture gets fast access to talent that we know and trust. The way we work, communicate and do business these days is rapidly being changed by technology. Talent Marketplace is an online platform that will enable Accenture to contact talented people like yourself instantly, and assemble the very best teams.

How does it work?

Once you’re registered you’re able to access and apply to the latest contractor opportunities that best match your skills and experience. After applying, an Accenture Talent Relationship Manager will review your request and let you know if you’ve been shortlisted for an interview with the project manager. If it all goes well, a contract will be put in place for you to start.



What does it mean for me?

One of the best things about being part of Talent Marketplace is that you don’t have to chase the opportunities. They come to you, based on what you do well. Talent Marketplace also has a search function you can use to explore other roles, and branch out if you want to build up experience in certain areas. It means you spend less time searching, and more time on things you’re really passionate about.

What kind of work can I do?

The variety of work, and the range of clients you work with each day means no two tasks are ever the same. We are currently looking for experts like yourself in the areas of Technology Consulting, Management Consulting, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, Systems Integration and Business Process Outsourcing. The sky’s the limit. You’re also part of a family that provides meaningful advice and end-to-end solutions across the six areas that Accenture specialise in Strategy, Consulting, Digital, Technology, Operations and Security.



How do I make a difference?

You’ll be part of a family that works alongside the leaders of some of Australia’s most iconic companies, spanning all kinds of industries, helping them make decisions that can have a huge influence on the way Australians live, work and play.

Register your Interest in our Marketplace

Joining our marketplace is easy and we are looking for people with a variety of skills and levels of expertise.

Just click on the link below to register your interest, fill in some information and then wait for a call from one of our Talent Relationship Managers.

Our Talent Relationship Manager will work with you to find roles that match your skills / expertise / interests and availability. They will also bring you up to speed with the benefits of joining our Talent Marketplace.