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Services and Interaction Design Consultant

Job Location: Sydney

Regional Description: Australia

Job Number: 00589134


- Job description



  • Responsible for creating web systems and frameworks to organize information and help users understand how solution or service will work and behave over time.

  • Employ user centered web design processes, conducting ethnographic research and usability testing to identify user needs.

  • Work collaboratively with other Design disciplines to integrate and address user needs and balance them against business, brand and technical goals and needs.

  • Communicate solutions, usually in the form of models, wireframes, documentation, or prototypes.

  • Expected to consider the project from a high level, address the service design or solution objectives, as well as consider the fine components, labels, and flows that people use to achieve their goals.

  • Comfortable with complex services or solutions and designing for and across platforms such as wearables, mobile, web, and TV.




  • At least 6 + years relevant industry experience.

  • In possession of a relevant degree or professional qualification(s).

  • In-depth knowledge and experience in a relevant software engineering or web design discipline.

  • Creating prototypes for platforms such as wearables, mobile, web, and TV.

  • Experience of rapid prototyping, Agile development methodologies.

  • Experience with web and mobile accessibility tools and features.

  • Strong interaction design skills, and an aptitude for visual design.

  • Strong knowledge of structuring web applications

  • Ability to construct and deploy a back-end web service to support the needs of a front end application or service

  • Experience of being accountable for code quality and project delivery

  • Standards, package management, dependency understanding

  • Demonstrate a mixture of skills across the following areas:

    • HTML5, CSS3, SASS
    • JS frameworks such as Bootstrap, Backbone, Angular.
    • Fluid layouts and Responsive Web Design.
    • Digital Design authoring tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud.
    • Node, Python (Django), Ruby, PHP, Java
    • MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL
    • GIT, Gitflow






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