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Analytics BA

Job Location: Canberra

Regional Description: Australia

Job Number: 00553192


- Job description

You'll work together with clients to define strategies, develop and deliver analytics solutions in order to derive business insights, solve complex business problems and improve decisions across a wide variety of industries and functions. You will work within a team that drives data analysis, transformation, modelling, integration and visualization of complex data of various forms and from heterogeneous sources. Your role will be the interface between senior stakeholders and the Accenture team working.  You will be involved in the end-to-end project management process from requirements gathering and analysis, through implementation, and post implementation support
Specific responsibilities
  • Be the interface between senior stakeholders and data scientist / analytics team.
  • Create high-quality user and functional requirements
  • Contribute to the creation and maintenance of a requirements traceability matrix
  • Create analytics use cases and Identify opportunities for business process improvement
  • Analyse requirements to determine priority and business value
  • Participate in interviews, workshops and briefing sessions with business users soliciting input and feedback throughout the development cycle
  • Analysing analytics model output to find the story within the data and then communicating results to senior stakeholders
  • Presenting visualisations to stakeholders and senior management
  • Produce charts, tables, and graphs to support stakeholders’ reporting requirements
  • Provide data and analyses in a timely manner and verify the accuracy of data analyses
  • Contribute to the end-to-end project management process from requirements gathering and analysis, through implementation, and post implementation support.
  • Contribute to all areas of system implementation including but not limited to vendor interaction, system compatibility, change control, qualification, deployment, and training 
Skills Required
  • Excellent business analysis skills with a focus on analytical projects
  • Experience building rich reports and dashboards
  • Data analysis skills and the ability to find key insights within the data
  • Understanding of basic statistical and data mining approaches and terms
  • Excellent oral communication, interpersonal and presentation skills
  • Strong problem-solving capabilities; ability to come up with solutions for complex business problems
  • Proficient in developing business requirements, use cases, and user acceptance testing cases/plans
  • Previous work experience in Government
  • Must be an Australian Citizen

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