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Accenture is an inspiring place for women in technology. That’s because with us you can professionally grow and develop, working on some of the world’s biggest challenges. Technology is where new careers are flourishing, and you can be a part of it. For opportunity, Accenture are at the forefront. We’re committed to programs that foster and grow women in technology, and our Women in Technology Events support that.

What its about

Women In Technology is a fully hosted suite of events occurring annually – designed to educate, inform, motivate and enlighten attendees. They’re a great way to network and hear from those working with Accenture, as well as meet and mix with other Technology students and graduates. Our calendar of events occur regularly in state capitals. Women in Technology assists attendees to broaden their knowledge and learn what’s needed to participate in this innovative and ever-changing area.

Examples of recent events

Take a peak at some of our previous Women in Technology events and join up to come to our next one!


  • Women in Tech Insight Day. This day featured presentations from Software Engineers and attendees, and those lucky enough to attend had the opportunity to apply for our Software Engineering Graduate Program.

  • Tech talks. Held in informal locations and arranged through University Associations, these are an excellent way to catch up with friends, and hear what's happening in the industry.

  • Campus BBQs. Often held just before end-of-term, these events allow you to grab a bite and chat with people from Accenture about what they're doing right now.

Women in Tech Live

Immerse yourself in a live Accenture experience coming from Internationals Women's Day and Women in Tech Demo event in Melbourne. Kellen and Rima our commentators for the events will show you around and bring you key highlights from the events themselves.

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