Diploma Careers


Ready to embark on the biggest career adventure of your life and make your mark on the world? Let’s go!

Want to revolutionise the way people live, work and interact? Are you passionate about technology and its power to transform and enhance the world we know?

At Accenture, we think big. Every day, we power world-leading businesses and governments around the globe by solving tech issues, building custom solutions, and much more.

A Diploma career puts you at the heart of innovative technical solutions and sets you on a fantastic career path - no University degree required.

If you’re studying a diploma in IT, Computer Science, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Development, Design or similar, apply today!


  • You’re a natural communicator and well presented.

  • You're currently studying or have recently completed a Diploma level qualification with a particular focus on Information Technology, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, Graphic and Interactive Design or similar. All kinds of Diploma level backgrounds are considered, the most important thing is your genuine passion for technology.

  • You will finish study at the end of 2018/mid 2019.

  • You hold Australian Citizenship.

  • You’re ready to experience meaningful, rewarding work, learn loads and be mentored by the best!

  • This opportunity is for TAFE students only, if you have a university degree please check out our other graduate opportunities on our website – applications opening in early 2019.


As part of the Accenture team, your responsibilities can range from individual tasks to team work on large-scale projects.


Apply project management and software development methodologies to your assigned projects and tasks.


Thrive as part of a high-performing, global team of consultants, analysts, designers, tech gurus and more.


Implement your in-depth knowledge of business process design to ensure the success of your projects.


Software development and configuration is important in a fast-paced technological society.


To keep systems running smoothly for our clients, software testing and support is a key skill within Accenture.


Accenture is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applicants from all kinds of backgrounds – come and join our diverse and wonderful team!

Create and follow a mind-blowing career path full of adventure and opportunity.
Take part in meaningful work that makes a positive social and global impact.
Innovate with the latest tools and platforms at the cutting edge of technology.
Engage in classroom-based learning, online resources and overseas training opportunities.
Dive into an inspiring, exciting and fun work environment, where no two days are the same.
Be supported every step of the way with a work buddy, mentors and careers counsellor.


Online Application

Complete the short application form and submit a copy of your resume.

HR Screen

Here you'll be contacted by our Graduate Recruitment Team and may be asked to elaborate on any of the material you've provided to us in your application. If any further discussions or skill-testing is required, we'll also let you know about this.

Business Interview

An interview focused on exploring accomplishments in your career both as an individual and as part of a team. This interview enables you to share personal stories around your work background and experience.

Closing Interview

Combining elements of previous interviews, this is an overall assessment by an Accenture leader to assess your suitability within our team and cultural fit.


Our Diploma Level Careers for Health & Public Service in Canberra is now open. Apply here.

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