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Reach New Heights

Applications for Accenture Adventure is now closed. Applications for next year will open in 2018.


Taking place in November each year, Accenture Adventure is a one day event which brings students together to take on challenges and work together to reach the ultimate goal – a Graduate role starting in 2018. It's an excellent way to take fast track into a graduate role before you've completed your final year of study.

At Accenture Adventure you'll work with others to demonstrate innovation, a can-do attitude, team spirit and leadership. Along the way, you'll be guided and hear from Accenture's experts as you participate in solving real business challenges.

Successful candidates will be invited to join Accelerate – an ongoing program that will prepare you for a graduate position with Accenture. There you'll have opportunities to network and make friends with other graduates while attending a series of events and workshops in the lead up to joining Accenture.

The biggest benefit is the opportunity to secure a graduate role in a company that's driving innovation, encourages you to be you while making a difference. There's also lots of other great reasons to take the plunge.
You'll also:

  • Meet like-minded people passionate about consulting and technology.

  • Gain insights about consultancy and technology careers.

  • Network and hear from leading Accenture experts.

Those who are successful on the day will have the opportunity to kick-start their future with one of the largest Consulting companies in the world. You'll also join our Accelerate program allowing you to:

  • Familiarise yourself with Accenture and prepare for a graduate position.

  • Network with peers and future colleagues.

  • Attend fun and informative events and workshops.

There is no one Accenture person - we are a diverse organisation that employs over 411,000 people. We do however admire certain qualities in the graduates we hire.

We're looking for:

  • Bright types that think outside the box.

  • Hard workers that enjoy solving tricky problems.

  • Challengers, not just followers.

  • Visionaries with unique perspectives.

  • Idea generators who can conceive and implement excellent solutions.

  • Individuals who are still studying at uni - but soon to finish.

  • Future business and government leaders.

  • Team players who will feel at home in a boardroom

  • Have a passion for Technology


Sejal’s Adventure

Sejal’s Adventure

Daunting, exciting, and empowering. This is what Sejal experiences every day at Accenture.

Jordan’s Adventure

Jordan’s Adventure

Jordan is working on projects he never would have imagined with Accenture.

Emily’s Adventure

Emily’s Adventure

Every day is different. But regardless of what she is doing, Emily is always growing and learning with Accenture.

Tash’s Adventure

Tash’s Adventure

Tash saw a link on her uni’s social media. Fast forward to now, she’s an Analyst at Accenture Digital

Akansha’s Adventure

Akansha’s Adventure

Akansha fast tracked her career through the Accenture Adventure before finishing her final year at uni.




Make sure you tick all the boxes below before you apply.

  • Completing your studies end of 2017 or mid 2018.

  • You’re an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or permanent Australian resident.

  • If applying in Canberra, you’re an Australian Citizen (mandatory).


Applications for Accenture Adventure is now closed. Applications for next year will open in 2018.

Ready to register your interest for the next Accenture Adventure? Click here.


After you have completed the online application form there are a few more stages to complete before securing your spot at Accenture Adventure day in the location of your choice.

You’ll complete an online test and have a video interview. You’ll then be contacted by one of the Grad recruiters to talk through your skills and experience. Get through this stage and you’ll be invited to attend Accenture Adventure.

If you’re not yet ready with Accenture Adventure, you can stay in the loop on our future roles, programs and opportunities by joining our Accenture Talent Connection. Click here to join.