Chemical Engineering and Finance grad, Rohan Badethalav, wanted to use his skills to help solve the world’s problems. In his first year at Accenture, he’s already helped to shape Australia’s climate transition and worked directly for the global CEO of an iconic brand.

I joined Accenture as part of an acquisition. I’d done a double degree in Chemical Engineering and Finance and was looking for meaningful work where I could combine the two fields. My chemical engineering thesis was centered on the feasibility of negative emissions technology to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. So I was pleased when I heard that we had joined Accenture, as they have a strong sustainability practice.

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The opportunities have gone beyond my expectations. In my first year, I’ve worked on challenging, large-scale decisions.

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One of the first projects I tackled involved economic modeling for the Climate Council, where we determined how government stimulus could be used to create sustainable jobs in the wake of COVID-19. The Clean Jobs Plan we helped create is all about creating ‘green’ jobs quickly and for people who need them most!

I was also involved in a piece of work we did directly for Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, looking at the role that digital technology has played in strengthening businesses and helping millions of Australians to continue working through the pandemic.

Right now, I’m helping a national science institution understand the development of the climate risk services market from both a commercial and regulatory perspective. It’s been great to work on something that I am genuinely passionate about!

When I joined, everyone at Accenture was super friendly. The Accenture team set up coffee catch-ups to help me get to know people from all parts of the business and assigned me a buddy. She helped me understand the organisation, the culture and shared her personal experiences, which I found very enlightening.

Accenture also helped us, newcomers, by organising team activities. The first one that I engaged in was run by the “Helping Hands Program”, where we work as a group to create a bionic arm for people who have lost a limb due to disease or in accidents. Surprisingly, I managed to be placed in a team with David Levi, the Head of Accenture Strategy. It was incredible to participate in an activity with social impact and at the same time, get to know our leaders personally.

Most weeks, I work two days in our Barangaroo office and three at home. It’s a good balance for me. At home, I wake up around 8am and am ready to go at 9am. On a typical day, I could be doing a few hours of desktop research and creating slides, and running models in excel, Python or R, or participating in stakeholder interviews.

To help facilitate my work, I have daily check-ins and check-outs with my manager, as well as frequent contact throughout the day. I additionally have a minimum of two 1-hour problem-solving sessions a week, where I am able to get the input of a Director or Managing Director, that oversees the project and helps me tackle the more challenging items. 

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The exposure that Accenture provides on this front is second to none, and it is a great opportunity to learn from those with deep experience.

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When I look back on my time here, it’s clear to see how far I’ve come in such a short space. I’ve learnt how to better communicate with my managers and clients, how to structure my thinking, how to build complex models, and I’ve also made some lasting friendships.

Coco’s ready to clock off for the afternoon!

Sometimes work does get quite intense. In those moments, I try to get out of the house or office to stretch my legs, get some sunlight, and steal a few moments to myself. I spend around 15 minutes each day meditating using the Headspace app, which my managers have always been very supportive of – Accenture has a huge focus on mental health. It’s a great refresher, helping me to stay focused and think clearly.

Accenture is a different kind of organisation. There are few other companies where you get to make an impact on such a large-scale, maintain work-life balance, and create so many lasting relationships. I’ve really found my passion here.

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Rohan Badethalav

Strategy Analyst

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