The year 2021 has been eventful indeed for the Australia and New Zealand community. It brought to light some truly inspiring people, who made a difference not only to our business and clients but also to the world around us. Let us look back at some of the best inspiring stories this year.

Why I chose to be a trans role model
by Sarah Weaver
“I started this process feeling lost and alone. I knew that I may need to give up everything that I have built in my life, as so many transgender people do when they come out. Now I realise, I work for an amazing organisation that lifts up trans people, supports them through the transition process and gives them opportunity.”

Why I swapped engineering for consulting
by Ana Gutierrez
“I came here for the diverse work opportunities, which I’ve had, but my highlight at Accenture has been the people.”

My story: Why I don’t do things by the book
by Luke Higgins
“That was the first time I realised your boss will tell you to do something a certain way, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best way. Ever since then, I’ve always followed what I thought was the innovative path.”

Why I love the Accenture Tech Bootcamp
by Luke Higgins
“I wanted to show students what it’s like to actually work on our stuff, discover their aptitude for learning and watch them work in a team.”

Why I love working in Strategy at Accenture
by David Levi
“It’s in those hardest moments that I’ve had a ball. What makes it fun is the people you work with. We laugh and joke. We’re a community and a family of shared experience.”

Game, set, match: Sawan Serasinghe’s leap to Accenture
by Sawan Serasinghe
“I consider myself lucky to be working in Accenture because I get the exposure to the different industries and technologies. There’s always something new to work on, the learning opportunities are limitless, and the leaders are very supportive.”

Aligning Skills to Your Passions - Shannon Howard's Graduate Journey
by Shannon Howard
"You’ll often hear this idea of being ‘Truly Human’ at Accenture. For me, this means I’m encouraged to forge my own path and be my true authentic self to my work and clients."

Stronger together: why Zag said ‘Yes’ to Accenture
by Nick Mulcahy
“We have a great cultural fit here in New Zealand and real respect from the leadership in Australia who are keen to learn from us. The more I got to see, the more Accenture felt like a natural home for us and our team."

If I can make it – so can you!
by Sheeza Shakeel
"I joined the company specifically because #equality is one of the pillars of its success. I could see women in top positions — people I can look up to, and learn from. Our global CEO, Julie Sweet, has long been an inspiration to me.”

As we close a chapter and start a new beginning, we promise to bring more inspiring people stories in the upcoming year 2022. Stay tuned and keep checking our blog.


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