Security Innovation Director, Eric Chan, has built a career in Accenture spanning almost 14 years. In this Q&A, he shares what he has learned throughout his career and what he’s looking for in the next generation of Cyber Security professionals

You’ve been at Accenture for almost 14 years – How has your role changed over this time?
I’ve definitely had a very colourful career within Accenture, spanning across Hong Kong and Australia. I’d been passionate about cyber security since I graduated some 20+ years ago, but my career played out in many different roles ranging from Delivery Leads, Strategist, SME. It was through the broad experience I gained, that I’m now a Security Innovation Director working with our stakeholders at different levels to develop the most effective way for them to embrace security as a business enabler and protect themselves against cyber security attacks.

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Why is Accenture a great place to build your career?
At Accenture you can choose your own adventure and drive your own destiny. You are not on your own - you have support to push your career forwards. You do this by;

  1. Making the best out of every opportunity given to you - It may not always be those that you want, but if you take it with a positive attitude, you’ll benefit from the experience gained.
  2. Network – It’s about building a support system around yourself and building your reputation, not just in Accenture, but the industry. Eventually you’ll be known as someone with distinct/unique skills, the go-to person when they need support on an area that you are known for.
  3. Stay relevant - Accenture can provide you with the platform to unlock your skills and passions. If you have an idea, make a case for it. Show how your idea will benefit the client or Accenture. Anything is possible if you can build a case for it.

During the 14yrs, during the challenging times, why did you stay?
I have the scars on my back that show there were times I had to learn things the painful way, but I've earned my reputation, for that reason - it was worth it. It wasn’t always easy, but I’ve reaped the rewards of my efforts and now I’m at a place where I’m trusted. At the end of the day, it’s about the work. Here at Accenture, I get to do interesting work that I feel good about.  I am proud to be part of teams that have made meaningful technological advancements to Australia and played an important role in securing many of the nation’s critical infrastructure across wide variety of industry settings and projects.
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What do you like about working in Cyber Security?
I get to apply my analytical skills to architect new and innovative solutions for our clients. In Cyber Security you always have to think outside the box and explore new ways to ‘break the rules’ without being caught. I often have to put on my ‘evil’ hat and get into the mind of cyber attacker and figure out how stay one step ahead of them.

What are you looking for in the next generation? (Graduates, people starting their careers)
I want them to make me redundant! I might have many years of experience, but I want to learn from them and their experience.  I want them to challenge me and present me with new ideas! If they can convince me with reason, I’ll support their ideas.

As someone who has reached a high level in your career as a Director, why do you think it is important to interact with graduates and early career hires?
While I have many years of experience, technology is changing too fast to keep up with. The next generation are early adaptors, they are already experts in areas I’m catching up in. It is absolutely vital to interact with our people just starting out, as they are our future leaders. The best way to keep up with the rapidly changing technology is to feel young at heart by working and learning together with the next generation of professionals. We have so much to learn from each other.

How do you want to leave your career?
I want to leave a legacy. Keep the good and learn from my mistakes. I still remember advice from a mentor that enlightened me in my early career and shaped who I am today – “Be True and Be Genuine to people you work with and you’ll be supported when most needed”.

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Eric Chan

Director - Technology, Security

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