One week into joining Accenture as a graduate in June 2021, TJ Singh found himself sent to work from home as Sydney returned to a lockdown environment. Here’s his story of what joining during the pandemic has been like and how Accenture has supported its new graduates during this time.

Accenture had been on my radar while I was completing my university studies, and I was drawn to its passion to deliver change. The focus on technology, but with a human-centric approach, was evident from the early stages of the recruitment process and I knew that Accenture was where I wanted to be, so I was thrilled when I got my grad program offer.

I started in late June 2021, and in my first week, Sydney went into lockdown. Despite suddenly not being able to go into the office, the Accenture onboarding process included a virtual reality component that allowed us to replicate the physical experience of meeting our fellow grads for the first time. It really brought to life Accenture’s expertise in tech and how to integrate it into people’s lives.

A bunch of other virtual events was held for the grad intake to help support us during the lockdown. It was undeniably hard, but there were events like an online wine tasting (fantastic!) and a virtual escape room, all designed to allow us to connect and get to know each other. The chance to make personal connections, not just professional networking, was invaluable.

Working from home didn’t stop me from hitting the ground running. I spent the first two months working on proposals for a Global automotive brand focused on reshaping the customer experience. I then quickly got the opportunity to jump onto my first project with one of Australia’s major banks.

This project has taught me so much about agile ways of working. But more than the application to projects, I’ve also seen how to implement the agile approach and methodology in my personal life too. Getting an understanding of the agile philosophy has taught me how to be more adaptable in a variety of circumstances across home life, hobbies and friends. The ability to be more agile and flexible is an incredibly useful life skill, especially as we all navigate the uncertainty of living in a pandemic.

It’s also brought to life for me how the work we do makes a direct impact. Seeing how the bank can process customers faster, while also meeting its obligations around regulatory compliance and its goals to be a good corporate citizen is really fulfilling. Knowing how happy clients are when we wrap up a project is motivating to continue to strive to be better and deliver more for the next project.

Big organisation, personal feel
One of the biggest surprises about joining Accenture has been how personal and welcoming it feels, despite being such a large global business. I’ve genuinely felt like I become part of a family. From the moment I got the “congratulations, we’d like to offer you a position” call, there’s been a real sense of warmth. The recruitment and onboarding process felt really personal – I’ve never felt like I’m just a number in a big machine.

This feeling has continued since joining. I have one-on-one support from my senior manager, with weekly check-ins to make sure everything is going ok with my progress and development. People are always taking the time to get to know me and my interests so they can help find the right opportunities for me. I’ve never been told “you can’t do this” and it feels like there is limitless potential to get involved, find something I’m passionate about and follow my interests.

Things like no allocated seating in the office add to that feeling of no barriers in my way. I can sit next to and talk to anyone, from another grad through to a managing director. This all enhances the sense of opportunities to grow and accelerate my career progression.

 At the shores of Lake Wakatipu in Glenorchy, New Zealand (South Island) the day before I embarked on a 53.5km hike on the Milford Track.

I’m also able to structure my days in a way that works for me. Once we’re able to, I’m looking forward to returning to the office several days a week, but for now, I start my day with a bike ride or walking my dog, before coming back and logging on by 9. I’ll check emails and power through some work before taking a break to get a coffee, and then after lunch, my afternoons are typically filled with client meetings and daily standups.

I’m looking forward to continuing my learning journey, with a plethora of training provided. I know that if there’s the chance for me to upskill in an area, I’ll be given that. I’m particularly keen to focus on growth strategy and customer experience, as I believe that customer-centricity is the key to business success. I’m excited to get as much exposure to different clients and types of work as I work towards being the best possible consultant I can be.

I’m also keen to get more involved in the volunteering opportunities available through Accenture. Last year, I took part in making sandwiches for school children, and as restrictions ease further this year, I particularly want to get involved in Accenture’s programs with Indigenous communities.

Accenture grads are given the opportunity to learn, grow and develop in a supportive and welcoming environment. Applications for our graduate roles still on-going, apply now!
2 March to 3 April 2022 - Australia
23 Feb to 27 March 2022 - New Zealand


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TJ Singh

Analyst - Strategy & Consulting

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