A common perception among new graduates is that professional services is a sterile environment. That it’s a place where you wear a suit, people look the same, and it’s all briefcases and compendiums.

That may have been the case once upon a time but it’s not anymore. At Accenture it's definitely not the case.

When you walk through the doors of Accenture, it’s immediately visible how culturally diverse the company is.

Everyone looks different - different accents can be heard. And that's just the initial impression. When you delve in deeper and get to know people you'll find there's diversity of education, diversity of skills, diversity of work experience and backgrounds. All the different types of people that make up the melting pot that is Accenture.

It’s important for graduates to know that the old corporate stereotype is outdated and instead there is an importance on individuality.

We talk a lot about diversity and the importance of diversity both within Accenture and in the wider business community - but what does that really mean?

Diversity is all about individuality.

Melbourne Open Day with Nicole Lange and Louise Klupacs

“Be yourself and make a difference” is Accenture’s motto to emphasise that individuality, authenticity and inclusivity are core aspects of our culture.

This is Accenture’s mantra because we recognise that individuality and showing your true personality is so important in your job. It doesn’t mean you have to be the loudest person in the room. It means working and living in a way that's true to you.

But how do you actually do that? How do you inject personality into your role? Here's three tips.

Don't censor yourself
From the offset, it's important to be honest and to have an opinion. Honesty and sharing your own opinion has a trickle-down effect in that it makes an impression, ignites discussion and makes people think. From the start, don't hold yourself back or censor yourself. Being true to yourself is the kind of tone you should set at the start and carry throughout your career. This will always give an authentic air about you. It also shows you're open to new experiences and displays a positive energy. You have an opinion and you want to contribute.

Individuality doesn’t mean being the most popular
Celebrate difference and doing what's right. That's what will set you apart. When making decisions, ask yourself if it's the right thing to do. Even if that means having potentially awkward conversations – it's something many people will avoid. When you strengthen your ability to have a courageous conversation in a professional environment you tend to increase your own self esteem. You become more approachable.

Don't underestimate humour
Being light hearted and humorous in the workplace is equally as important as being professional. It's something that's valued in teams. Making jokes and having a good time portrays you as a positive person and creates a positive atmosphere. Everybody loves humour.

There are so many layers to what a personality is. Confidence is not always about standing at the front of the line, it's made up of a lot of things that will help you be yourself.

Ask questions, share your opinion, do the right thing, enjoy humour, be yourself - they're some of the key points to expressing your individuality in the workplace.

Human Resource Mo Bros from MelbourneHuman Resource Mo Bros from Melbourne

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