Leo Lucas joined Accenture as an experienced hire in early 2018, starting as an analyst after a previous background in sales and legal. Find out more about his journey from lawyer to consultant working on some of the biggest blockchain projects in the country.

I started my career with the intention of being a lawyer and was working in a sales role at a legal technology firm while completing my legal practising certificate. This role exposed me to the potential of things like AI and I realised that I was more interested in the tech path than law.

That’s how I ended up joining Accenture. Consulting and law both often focus on solving complex problems. But law is often restricted to the legal solution. I wanted scope to explore and create new answers, often at the very edge of possibility.

Accenture makes this possible. I’ve been able to work with teams across divisions including Strategy & Consulting and Interactive, bringing together data and creativity to generate meaningful strategy and groundbreaking innovation for our clients.

 Having coffee with my colleagues

Three years, countless highlights
At the time when I joined Accenture, it had recently acquired Second Road, a design led strategy firm. I was drawn to the team’s academic and intellectual approach to projects and have been able to get involved with them on a number of interesting projects. I was also the first person in Accenture to partner with our economic insights team on projects, gathering great insights on our approach to combine economics, policy and data for meaningful projects. Just a few examples includes:

  • A project with a NFP and big energy company to engage more Indigenous people, in particular by using a human-centred design approach to procurement to engage communities directly in the energy production supply chain
  • Working with a major protein producer, to shape their corporate strategy, including in-depth interviews and workshops with the executive team, we helped to develop alterative models for protein production in the future that would create a better world by reducing animal destruction and improving quality of life
  • Partnering with a search engine to develop a report on the future of journalism

These projects showed me that in consulting there’s the opportunity to really make a difference, as well as the opportunities you’d expect for working with banks on payment strategies.

Freedom and autonomy to explore ideas
One of the biggest surprises I’ve had in joining Accenture is the level of autonomy you can get to explore your interests, even at quite a junior level.

I’ve been selected to be an advisor on the biggest blockchain project in Australia (and one of the largest globally), working directly with Senior Leadership, I worked independently to develop pricing models for cutting-edge technology, providing recommendations and solutions. This project had a lot of uncertainty and big learning curves for all parties, and while it was challenging, the opportunity to grow and build deep client relationships resulted in great outcomes.

Accenture is also the sort of place where you can shape things if they don’t exist and people are open to new ideas. I’ve been able to take my drive for innovation and participate in a series of internal programs within Accenture. This has included:

  • Developing and launching Accenture’s first innovation currency, building a web-based platform with a team from inception to deployment
  • Winning the first Inc competition with Block3d – a blockchain-enabled solution to tracking parts for the hugely expensive F-35 fighter program, which was ultimately pitched to the head of aerospace and defense at Accenture
  • Being a finalist in the Products Hackathon with a Tetris-inspired AI and augmented reality tool to optimise loading trucks for a distribution and logistics company
  • Being a finalist in another global ‘Shark Tank’-inspired competition, sponsored by a global beverage company, with an AI-powered sentiment tracking tool to catch on to new trends early (like kombucha)

 With the Premier of South Australia, Stephen Marshall

All this work was done as an analyst, showing that even at a junior level there are opportunities to engage with interesting technology, ideas and people. I’ve also been fortunate to attend Accenture Strategy School in Chicago, joining a two-week program where I was able to further develop strategy skills, including training on finance modelling, design thinking and presentation skills. The program involved Accenture consultants from around the world, enabling me to build my international network.

Consulting is a career where there’s no set path. That’s what’s so exciting. You can build a personal brand based on your own interests and relationships, and in turn create a fulfilling and engaging work life.

At every step of the way, I’ve been encouraged and supported to follow my interests and shape my career around those passions. For example, I’m now undertaking further study on blockchain technologies and pursuing some personal work in the innovation space, and look forward to working with clients to find new ways they can innovate as I continue to learn.

That’s probably my biggest piece of career advice: say yes to all the opportunities and keep learning. Being a trusted advisor is about being at the edge of possibility and providing insights that amaze people, unless you remain curious you are unlikely to remain relevant.

Are you looking for a career where you can grow and follow your interests? Accenture is looking for the brightest minds ready to create the next big idea. We’d love to help you map your new career adventure.


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Leopold Lucas

Consultant - Strategy & Consulting

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