While traditional CVs still play an important role in the recruitment process, your online brand is starting to replace it. Whilst this is already a reality for many creative roles, Liz, who is our Technology Recruitment Lead, shares tips on how technologists can get their feet wet.

The technology space has evolved and it is creative as well as technical, but the true techies can struggle with putting themselves out there. It can be uncomfortable and awkward.

The biggest advice I can give when it comes to building your online brand is to just give it a go. Start slow and build up your confidence. Like with most things, the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Recruiters do look at your LinkedIn profile and your online presence so it is something you do need to update if you haven't already, but it doesn't have to be a daunting experience.

1. Start slow, play it safe
Start slow, research what other people are doing and set up a LinkedIn profile if you don’t have one or if you created one a while ago, revisit your profile and update it. Take your time to make sure it’s polished. Not ready to post just yet? Start by reading what’s out there and liking other people’s posts or connecting with brands that resonate with you.

2. Share what you believe in
Still not ready to post? Share someone else’s post that you thought was well-written or excites you. This shows your interest and passion. It doesn’t always have to be aligned to the role you’re applying for, but it helps when you are being strategic.

For example, diversity is important to me personally and in my role. That’s my passion within recruitment, so it is important to link myself externally and internally with diversity.

It also shows that you are keeping up to date and are across what’s happening in your industry.

3. Be professional, follow guidelines
Your online brand is a reflection of you, so keep it professional. Do your research and be mindful of the brands you are associating with. It’s not just what you post that matters, the companies you follow also say something about you. Make sure there’s no negative impact associated with the brands you like, follow or repost.

4. Browse Accenture’s champions
Our culture is all about inclusion and we encourage Accenture’s people to be brand aware. Our champions share what they’ve been doing in their teams, it doesn’t always have to be an individual effort, they shout out or tag colleagues, and post about events and projects they are proud of.

5. Be authentic
This is the most important tip. The danger with online brands is that they can become inauthentic. It becomes transparent when you’re being active online just for the sake of it.
Always engage with content that truly resonates with you. Sometimes less is better, think quality over quantity.

6. Put yourself on the map
The main benefit of creating an online brand is to help you with your career by show casing your personality and differentiating yourself from the crowd. It will also help with your confidence; this confidence comes from looking at your strengths and when you have identified these, your self esteem soars.

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Liz Morley

Recruiting Associate Manager

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