Businesses aren’t meeting face-to-face right now, so what happens when you apply for a job at Accenture? Laura tells you about Accenture’s new virtual recruitment process and gives you tips for bringing your best self to each stage.

As you can imagine, the new social distancing requirements mean our Graduate Recruitment Team and our leaders are now working from home. So we’ve updated our selection process to keep us all safe and well, with whole new virtual process.

Accenture’s new virtual selection process

  1. Submit your application before midnight on 31 May through the Accenture website. We’ll be in touch by email to invite you to a…
  2. Quick phone interview with an Accenture recruiter. This is a 10-15-minute call to get to know you. We’ll also help you figure out which graduate program you want to work in.
  3. (important) Be patient! We have to work through thousands of applications. So it might take 4-8 weeks before we email to let you know whether you got through to the…
  4. Accenture Adventure virtual assessment. This is a videocall-based, online activity with about 40 of your peers run through Microsoft Teams. Right now, we’re all having to figure out how to collaborate with others while we’re working from home. This activity will give you a chance to show your skills at working remotely in small teams, including coming up with and presenting your ideas.
  5. Individual interview. The same day, you’ll be invited to attend a 1-on-1 video interview with an Accenture leader, who’ll ask you more in-depth questions. This is your chance to form a connection with the person who’s going to vouch for you.
  6. As soon as possible, we’ll let you know how you did and (hopefully) make you an offer.
  7. At that point, you’ll have 1 week to accept or decline.

Tips for success

  • Do your research. Visit our website and read the blogs by our recent grads about what it’s like to work at Accenture. You’ll find out what it’s like in the first year, what sort of development and training you’ll get and the sort of opportunities you’ll be given right away.
  • Customise your application. Tailor your CV to highlight the skills, capabilities and values you think Accenture is looking for. Don’t forget to proof read it. Sometimes people leave in other company names from where they’ve copied a previous application!
  • In your initial interview:
    • Be yourself. Don’t stress about this bit. Impressive grades are great, but we also want to hear about who you are as a person.
    • Be curious. Ask about our culture, clients, your role, even something you read on the company website. Show us that you are really interested in working at Accenture and why.
  • In your virtual assessment:
    • Find a quiet space. Try to find somewhere you can participate uninterrupted, without background noise. You can always put your mic on mute occasionally, but you don’t want people being distracted during your presentation.
    • Enjoy! Remember to take a couple of deep breaths and relax. We’re looking for people who are passionate and enthusiastic about being challenged, and flexible enough to learn and try new things.
    • Be a team player. We’ll be looking out for how you collaborate and interact with your teammates and people from Accenture.
  • In your interview:
    • Use the STAR technique. The closing interview is a really great opportunity to state your case and leave a lasting impression. To avoid going blank on the day, have examples prepared. Use the STAR technique to illustrate your capabilities: describe the Situation, specific Task, the Action you took, and the Result you achieved to.
    • Don’t rush. Talking to a leader can be daunting but remember, they are just as human as you, and they want to get to know you as a person. You might ask them what they enjoy about working for Accenture or about a career challenge they have faced and overcome.
    • Pay attention. Look at the camera. Don’t keeping glancing to one side or checking your phone.

What should I wear?

Think ‘smart casual’. If your personality demands a T-shirt, that’s fine. But keep it appropriate. Use a professional background if you want to (especially if your room is messy!). But don’t feel you have to. We’re enjoying seeing into people’s homes!

Good luck! I hope you find the perfect job where you can succeed and grow.


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Laura Scully

Recruiting Senior Manager

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