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July 15, 2016
Working with the best people and more
By: Cyndi Sue

I joined Accenture Technology in Canberra as a software engineering associate in March 2016. I had just completed my bachelor of finance and statistics double degree at the Australian National University, majoring in qualitative finance and financial statistics.

When I was deciding on which company to join, I attended a lot of networking events with corporate sponsors for a student society at my university called the Actuarial Finance Economics and Commerce Student Society (AFEC). I asked numerous representatives from different professional services firms the question: “What do you enjoy most about the company?” or “Why did you choose the company you are working for?” Most of them answered “The people” or “The work I do.”

I found the Accenture people very friendly but, at the same time, very intelligent. They were the only ones who said “The people because …” or “I can always find answers to my questions because I am surrounded by a group of intelligent people.” So I applied to Accenture because I was attracted to the company’s “work smart” and “be supportive” culture.

Currently, I am an officer assigned to the Project Delivery and Management Office (PDMO). This is my first project. PDMO plays a huge role in managing project delivery to ensure everything is delivered on time and the quality is of professional standard. I also act as a point of contact for things like accommodation and access.

So far, I have been asked to keep track of tasks, ensure timely delivery and help people using what I learnt in VBA Excel while I was on the bench. I have learnt so much from my buddy on the project. It is great to know that apart from your colleagues and your team with whom you spend most of your time, you can ask your buddy any question you like.

Accenture is a very active and healthy environment—including online. I was surprised by the number of websites Accenture uses for different things. There are different websites for blogging, HR-related questions, professional profile pages and more, all within the Accenture network. For example, I have learnt a lot from myLearning, an online training website where you can find almost anything you want to learn. The materials on the site range from online books to interactive user interface lessons and are very user-friendly.

Some of the great things about working at Accenture are:

  • People are very friendly and are great teachers.

  • There is no such thing as coffee runs—everyone goes as a group.

  • On Casual Fridays you can rock up in jeans to work.

  • Problems are resolved in a timely manner—you can always find the answer to what you need very quickly.

  • Since I started, I have received numerous invites for social events, on the company level, project level and team level.

  • Accenture offers workplace flexibility, including flexibility with work hours and work from home arrangements.

Because of these things, I would recommend Accenture to friends as a place to work.

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