March 01, 2018
25 years on and Queer Screen is as crucial as ever.
By: Sonya Goldenberg

When I first became aware of the fight for marriage equality in 2003, I remember being surprised. I realised I thought same-sex marriage already existed because I had seen Carol and Susan get married on Friends. I now know the episode did acknowledge that their ceremony wasn’t legally recognised, but that wasn’t what stuck in my mind years later. As a teenager at the time, still on my own coming out journey, Carol and Susan getting married was significant for me. It was a positive story for me to look back on.

This reminds me of the importance of popular culture to the LGBTIQ community. If TV and film are the mirror through which we see ourselves, events like the Queer Screen Mardi Gras Film Festival are crucial. Visibility in Hollywood is still catching up to the strides we’ve made on television, but every year dozens of independent films from around the world capture stories that reflect LGBTIQ lives.

Over 25 years, the festival has shown outstanding features like Head On, adapted from Christos Tsiolkas’ novel; the hilarious Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same; and 52 Tuesdays, the Australian story of a trans parent and his teenage daughter’s weekly visits. This year brings over 60 Australian premieres including Freak Show, a coming-age comedy.

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As co-lead of Pride at Accenture, I see our partnerships as key to our vision to empower employees to be inclusive, support others, and embrace Pride diversity. Queer Screen is an ideal fit and I’m proud that Accenture is presenting partner of the closing night gala screening of Freak Show.

I hope this year’s festival keeps bringing the visibility we need to a wide audience.

For more information on Accenture’s Pride network (Pride At Accenture) please visit: 

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