March 03, 2017
Why I joined Accenture Strategy (and why I’m still happy I did!)
By: Samantha Spencer

Once upon a time (around four years ago now) I was a university student studying a Bachelor of Arts. Majoring in French Language was interesting and all, but I had a problem - if anyone asked “so what will you do with that?” I didn’t have an answer. When a friend of mine called to tell me about a new graduate job she’d just landed, the kind of work she’d be doing and just why she was so excited to have landed the job, I was sold. The very next day I enrolled in a Bachelor of Business and for the three years that followed I worked towards my dream career at Accenture.

I came to Accenture through Accenture Adventure as opposed to the usual graduate path, and this involved a round or two of interviews prior, and the potential for an employment offer based on performance on the day. *At my very first interview, my interviewer was a man that I would later realise had shaped my future career path from the beginning. During our allocated time he was mindful to share details about his own role and experiences, and upon conclusion of the interview he encouraged me to go away and explore the pathways available within the organisation. I did just that and decided without a doubt that Strategy was where I wanted to be. Almost two years later during my first year in the practice I ran into my interviewer at an end of year event, and wouldn’t you know? He was a Strategy Senior Manager. To this day neither of us can quite recall what he said that day or just how he might have ‘planted the seed’, but I take it as a sign that this is where I’m supposed to be.

Almost an entire year since I started as an Analyst I find myself still happy with the decision I made. Working on Strategy projects can be intense at times, with short timeframes and hard deadlines, but a challenge is what I signed up for. No project/role is ever the same as your previous one, so you are continuously learning and developing key skills and analytical capabilities (and creating, and re-creating a lot of PowerPoint slides).

Whilst all of this is important and part of the appeal, the best thing about Accenture Strategy is by far the people. During my very first week of employment my ‘buddy’ stressed to me that nothing is more important than building relationships with those within the practice. It didn’t take long to learn why, as every single person I have ever reached out to has been ready and willing to provide guidance and advice - and you can never have too much of this. Whether a tip on how to best structure a one-slider for a meeting, or wise words on which to base my future career goals you can bet all of it has played a part in shaping my progress so far, and the reason I’m still excited to be a part of the Strategy community.

*Please note that we have a new Strategy Graduate Recruitment process this year.

Our applications for 2018 are now closed but there will be more opportunities in the future. Let us know you are still interested by registering here.

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