March 26, 2018
Why I feel we make a difference at Accenture NZ
By: Jonty Renner

After studying commerce at University, I always knew I wanted to get into consulting with a large corporation. But I also wanted to avoid working with a company where I’m just another number on a spreadsheet or another cog in the wheel.

That’s why Accenture Wellington has been the ideal career choice for me.

I joined as a graduate two years ago and I’ve found we differ from Accenture offices overseas in a number of ways. Firstly, with only about 200 employees here, we are small compared to many overseas offices. But although we’re a small team in NZ – we’re part of a global team of more than 400,000.

So I would describe working in the Wellington office like working in a start-up with the backing of a global corporation – you’ve got the best of both worlds. You’ve got an agile culture and at the same time you’ve got heaps of funding and heaps of opportunity.

What I learned over the last couple of years with Accenture is that you can pick up something and run with it and therefore feel like you’re actually making a difference. Your ideas don’t get bogged down in bureaucracy and you can go straight to the person you need to talk to – be that an MD or a senior manager.

We strive to maintain that entrepreneurial culture and it’s this type of startup culture that really fits with me as a person.

There are a few other reasons that I feel personally I can contribute and also as a company.

Firstly, we have direct access to the senior leadership team which is a young team that is passionate about making a difference. If I’m walking down the street in Wellington I could stop and have a good chat with the Country Managing Director, or anybody else in the company because we are so small we all know each other.

Secondly, we make a difference in the community. From the top down there’s a huge push to help improve the lives of New Zealanders. We do a lot of charity work to help local communities such as making healthy food for the homeless, donations, auctions to raise money and driving initiatives such as “Bikes for Tykes” to help children with cancer enjoy their childhood. Each employee has one charity day per year – and the leadership team really encourages everyone to use that day to get involved.

And thirdly, I believe we make a difference through the work that we do. For example, Accenture helps our clients improve their business and operating models - which in turn touches the majority of New Zealanders. So in that regard we try and better the lives of New Zealanders.

Working at Accenture New Zealand has been a great experience over the past two years and one where I feel I’m really contributing. With the huge emphasis on training, professional development and the opportunity to travel – I feel I have the best of both worlds - working with a small team and being part of a global organisation.

Jonty taking a picture with Golden Gate Bridge as the background

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