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April 08, 2017
What I love about Accenture (from Graduates two years in)

Considering applying for a graduate position with Accenture?

We hear from three recent grads about what they find most rewarding about working at Accenture.

Taylor Lemke Taylor Lemke-Berry

The Accenture Digital team boasts some of Australia’s best creative minds, who embrace the idea of knowledge sharing and are committed to delivering amazing digital customer experiences. There really is nothing quite like working with a collective of people who produce amazing work each and every day. They inspire you to think differently, push you outside your comfort zone, and encourage you to embrace your inner creative side. Working with, and alongside this amazing team is definitely the most rewarding thing about my first year at Accenture.

Fiona Sparks Fiona Sparks

A cliché answer, but I would definitely have to say the people. I have been lucky enough to work on some great teams with a variety of different people who I have learnt from and built friendships with. I have also worked with some great leaders who I look up to and who have given me some great professional advice.

Philip Phil Faraj

Learning that it’s not your degree or university that makes you a great consultant, it’s the ability to listen to your client, learn from those who have done this before (there will always be someone!) and understand that you will not have all the answers straight away.

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