March 28, 2018
What advice would you give to grads considering a career at Accenture?
By: Bradley Kim, Lara Beattie, Jonty Renner and Harrison Gray

Bradley Kim: “Have a set goal about what you want to do”

Once I started to realise what I actually wanted to do when I finished Uni, I started getting more job offers and interview opportunities. Although it’s a little bit hard to pinpoint exactly what you want to do – spend some thinking about it and narrow it down within an industry.

It will really help you in the interviews and writing your cover letter because you have a set goal and you won’t be struggling and making up stories. Try to be more specific than: “I have a finance degree so I want to work in finance”.

Lara Beattie: “Do your research”

Research Accenture's clients and case studies thoroughly, especially that of your service line. This will help you so much once you start working and will allow you to have a rough idea about your client and current challenges they face. Also, always be responsive to change – in this industry and really any kind of industry, it is crucial to be monitoring trends and to be adaptable to changes in environment, systems and processes.

Harrison Gray: “Ask yourself these three questions”

If you’re considering applying for a job at Accenture – ask yourself the following questions: How highly do you value a diverse workload? How highly do you value flexibility with work location? And how highly do you value a supportive corporate network? If the answer is ‘highly’ to all of these, then consider Accenture.

Jonty Renner: “Be patient”

You’ve got to be patient. I feel a lot of people come out of Uni thinking they’re hot stuff and are going to come in and think they know what they’re doing. When really you’re coming into a grad role and you’re starting at the bottom again and you don’t know a lot about what you’re doing. A lot of the stuff I do for Accenture has very little to do with my commerce degree. So you can’t expect everything to just fall into place straight away – you’ve got to be patient and work hard and continually be reliable and build your personal brand so that people begin to know you and trust you and come to you again and again. Then you’ll get the opportunities to do cool stuff and move up in the company.

Jonty Renner: “Take time to get refreshed”

I would advise grads that if you get offered a job at Accenture – take some time between graduating and starting work to just chill out and relax and get really refreshed. You want to be rejuvenated from finishing Uni and ready to jump straight into work. That way when you start you’re positive and raring to go.

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