May 17, 2018
Tech Bootcamp provided me with opportunities to upskill
By: Antony Chea

I used to think of Accenture as more of a management consulting company, and never would’ve thought of it as a key player in the technology space, that was until I joined the company and attended the Bootcamp which changed my view dramatically. I realised that Accenture is heavily invested in adopting, developing and using new technology. We have teams constantly exploring and researching new tools to enhance our existing capabilities and increase client value.

At the Bootcamp, I was exposed to various technologies and platforms that Accenture uses every day with clients. It was an intense experience and at the end of the day I picked up some very useful skills. During the Bootcamp I was introduced to Splunk, which I now use with some of my clients, and I have even gone as far as becoming a subject matter expert on it, teaching and coaching new team members on how they can use this technology.

The Bootcamp also highlighted my skills and ability to adapt to various situations while learning a new technology, which has resulted in me gaining credibility with my leadership.

As a specialist working at Accenture myWizard Analytics for Application Management, I have since taken on different types of work. My projects have included managing data upload and download for a telco, assisting a resource company managing change requests and assisting in preparing financials for cloud environments. My managers and leadership have continued to show their support for me by allowing me to explore new things, giving me time to learn and, most importantly, permitting flexible working hours as long as I complete the task assigned to me.

For those who are thinking of joining the Bootcamp, I’d like to share the following advice:

  • Take an open mind and a willingness to learn new things. You never really know how your new knowledge will help in achieving your goals.

  • Don’t be scared to be honest about your passion and goals—unless you speak up people won’t know. You’ll be surprised how supportive people are.

  • It is important to take initiative and earn credibility through a strong work ethic.

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