April 02, 2018
All organisations have misconceptions, here’s two myths about Accenture I’m glad I ignored
By: Adel Bakhtiyari

Before joining Accenture in August 2017 I’d completed my PHD at Queensland University of Technology. After graduating I wanted to join one of the big professional services firms with a good reputation in the market.

And Accenture was exactly that.

However, while I was researching the various different organisations I’d like to work for – I heard a couple of things about Accenture that I would like to state are completely untrue.

Myth 1: If you’re not Australian, you won’t get a job here
This is absolutely not true. I wasn’t born here. I was born in Iran, I grew up in Dubai and I moved to Australia 8 years ago. From the application process right through to now - not once have I ever felt at a disadvantage due to my background, ethnicity or beliefs. Nor have any of my international colleagues. In fact, it’s the opposite at Accenture.

A core value of Accenture is the value each individual brings to the organisation or project. It’s very inclusive. When I walk into a room at Accenture there could be 20 different nationalities in the room.

There is a real belief within the organisation that different nationalities or ethnicities bring something new to each solution we create for the client. We’re a global company, so for example if you have someone from Japan on your team and we have a client in Tokyo – it is an automatic advantage to the team in case there are any cultural differences that would be helpful to understand. Different backgrounds bring different experiences to the table and therefore add value.

Accenture people

Myth 2: Accenture is an IT company
You don’t have to be a computer science programmer to be employed by Accenture. When I first heard about Accenture it was described to me as an IT company and that in order to get a job there you need to have a computer or tech degree.

But that is not true. Accenture is much more than and IT company. It’s a professional services company which has departments ranging from strategy to advertisement. We’ve done a lot of acquisitions across many business lines, opening the doors for a wide range of talents, degrees and skills. If you go to the Sydney office of Accenture for example there’s heaps of people from the creative industry working there.

A variety of professional services in Accenture. With all our design thinking and the various different projects for clients – we hire people with human science backgrounds, psychology backgrounds and from a wide range of creative backgrounds.

So for me it’s important as a graduate to not be put off applying to certain organisations because you’ve heard something that is completely untrue. If you want to work for Accenture or any other organisation, be confident and put yourself forward - no matter what your background is.

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