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May 04, 2016
To the moon and back, before starting at Accenture
By: Dom Hardy

I’m soon to start my role at Accenture in Perth (or maybe by the time you read this I already have☺. In the lead up to my start date I decided that to further develop myself and re-connect with my love of space that I would participate in the International Space University’s (ISU) Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SH-SSP) in Adelaide. In the words of John Connolly (soon-to-be NASA director of the manned missions to Mars) the SH-SSP is partly an academic program, partly a unique networking opportunity, and partly an intercultural social experiment. It is for these reasons that I would recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and understanding of other cultures, meet current and future leaders in a variety of fields, and learn about a huge range of topics that most people never get the opportunity to experience.

On this program we attended workshops on the effects of humans in a microgravity environment, we saw post-processing on images using a new software package, we programmed and controlled robots, we learned about the challenges facing Australia’s telecommunications sector and we saw where the market gaps are for space technologies.

The fit with this programme and starting a role at Accenture was easy for me. Accenture’s capability with emerging trends in big data and cloud computing exceed that of almost any company, and these technologies feed into the space sector perfectly.

I can’t wait to start at Accenture, everything I have learned and seen from this company since I’ve completed Accenture Adventure in 2015 has been positive and engaging. I’m excited to see the different areas of Accenture’s business. I want to be a part of a company which breathes vitality into its people and its brand. A company that doesn’t just say they have an entrepreneurial spirit for the sake of corporate responsibility. I see Accenture as a company who practices what they preach with their values on diversity and a willingness to engage in new things. Personally I’m excited to see how I can bring my experience to the table and help get the most out of technology for Accenture’s clients by using both my technical background and my willingness to seek out and enact change.

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