May 09, 2018
The Power of a Positive Mindset
By: Belinda Thieu-Quang

Optimism is my super power. It is the bedrock of who I am.

My career has only started and already, I’ve had a number of setbacks which have derailed my plans. But believing and urging myself to look for the silver-lining in every situation has empowered me and helped me both personally and professionally.

I was born and raised in the ghetto as I often joke about. I grew up in the western suburbs of Melbourne. My parents were refugees from Vietnam back in 1980s.

I’m the first generation to finish high school and was the first child to graduate from university in my family, holding a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Biotechnology from The University of Melbourne.

My first career setback was when I finished high school. I did not have the ATAR score I envisioned I needed to get into a medical course of my dreams. But the optimistic voice inside reminded me “it’s ok”, and helped me pick myself up from the disappointment and be practical about the next steps.

That resolve and determination meant I still got into Melbourne University. Then throughout Uni faced inadvertent events that again derailed my original plan. I changed majors 3 times before I settled into my Biotechnology degree. By the end of my two degrees, it had become more evident to me that my attitude towards any given situation is the most powerful thing to influence the outcome.

My first year at Accenture

When I first joined Accenture I loved it. I started out working on an RFP and I was really taken with how we build proposals. It was intense working around the clock. One of the highlights of my time here at Accenture was working until 3am one night. That wouldn’t be everyone’s highlight of a job! But I had so much energy and passion. I was pumped and it didn’t make me tired.

However, then I was moved into a testing role. It was very technical and I didn’t understand a thing and I wondered, what did I get myself into. I’m not a very technical person and it was really tough and frustrating because I was working on things that were completely alien to me. My plan had been derailed again. I did not want to be a tester and I was really upset.

But that pessimism didn’t last long. I spoke to my buddy who talked me through and helped me regain that optimism I had. They helped me see the bigger picture.

I’m still in a testing role and I’ve completely flipped the situation in my mind and looked at the elements I do like. I concentrate on the positive aspects such as the knowledge that I’m building my skills and getting the opportunity to work with great people.

I’m focused on the fact that I’m working towards a bigger goal. If you join Accenture and get put on a role that you don’t like it’s your choice how you deal with it. You could spend the time constantly thinking “this is not what I want” and come into work miserable every day. But you’re putting that pain on yourself.

Accenture often gives you certain projects for a reason. You need to learn certain things before you can do other things you might want to do. So it’s about keeping an open mind about your current situation and learn everything you can. It’s knowing that you can’t control a lot of the things and trusting that it’s ok. More importantly it’s about knowing that you control your attitude towards any situation.

I was recently offered to a chance to change roles and I surprised myself that I said no to that. I love my team and I didn’t want to let people down. I was proud of myself that I didn’t just give up.

Drawbacks and failures are imminent in our everyday lives, and because I have an inbuilt over dramatic switch, the optimism is what helps me stay afloat. It has constantly done so through my life, every time an obstacle or a pit-hole presents itself. I would always remind myself, “It’s ok, there’s always plan b, or plan c. “

This optimism has not only helped me through the hard times, but it is helping me encourage others to adopt a less stressful attitude in their personal as well as working lives.

I’m inspired by people who are selflessly helping this world to improve. This is what inspired me to join Accenture H&PS.

And that’s one of the impacts I would like to have in Accenture – to help build people up and teams, and encourage people to stay positive when things get tough.

I want nothing more than to contribute my effort in making a positive impact in this world, in small and big ways, and I hope my efforts will inspire others to continue in those footsteps.

Collage of Belinda Thieu-Quang's photos

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