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February 18, 2017
The skills it takes to succeed in business (from the grads who are doing it)

Very often we hear about the hard skills (coding, software, design, tech) that are in hot demand in business. And also the soft skills such as communication, leadership and grit.

We ask three recent grads what they believe, from their experience, are some of the essential skills to succeed in business.

Taylor Lemke Taylor Lemke-Berry

Listen. Patience (you can’t solve the world’s problems in one day). Determination. Maintaining a positive outlook on problems and solutions.

Fiona Sparks Fiona Sparks

I would say communication and organisational skills go a long way – especially with clients (e.g. being able to clearly articulate problems, next steps, convey ideas, influence decisions etc.)

Philip Phil Faraj

To succeed in business, the ability to understand people is imperative. Empathy is often an overlooked soft skill, but I firmly believe that developing deep & meaningful relationships with your colleagues and clients is key to success in business. Relationships can often be more important than hard skills, as relationships can make the difference between an opportunity presenting itself, or your ability to earn a client’s trust to make decisions on behalf of their business. If you’re able to understand what drives & motivates people, you’ll go a long way to understanding how you can best help them realise their objectives.

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