July 10, 2017
Speeches; learning the balance of bringing visuals into my presentations
By: Gina Minatel

This week has included a flurry of Accenture events and client work, it is crazy to think how fast the year is going. For me April has gone exceptionally fast due to all the public holidays in Brisbane, as well as client work and outside Accenture events.

This week we had an account level meeting which I helped organised. The event was held at Victoria Park in one of the function rooms. It gave every project on the account a chance to give an update on how the project was progressing, and the plan for the upcoming months, as well as any engagement events in the near future. I had the pleasure of speaking three times at the event, and I definitely learnt some key skills when giving professional speeches. One of the most important lessons I learnt was the importance of having a balance between visual information and audio information.

What does it mean by a balance between audio information and visual information? When giving a presentation, either present most of the content on PowerPoint slides and speak less about the content or make your demonstration mostly dialogue and have fewer things being presented visually. If both of these features are dominant (audio and visual) it can potentially overwhelm the audience, as they will be trying to split their concentration by reading the slides as well as trying to focus on what the speaker is saying. Thus the information may not be digested due to the split focus of attention.

Another lesson I learnt from speaking at this event, is the importance of breaking up the presentation content via different mediums. So instead of having all the presenters speaking with slides, maybe have a panel or a video presentation to mix things up.

Overall the event went really well and it was great to hear about all the wonderful things that have been occurring on the account, as well as have the opportunity to network with familiar faces as well as meet new ones.

Our applications for 2018 are now closed but there will be more opportunities in the future. Let us know you are still interested by registering here.

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