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June 06, 2016
People can make or break your experience at work
By: Andrew Peters

I joined Accenture in 2016 as a Strategy Analyst in their Sydney practice, having completed a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Accounting and Finance) at the University of Sydney.

I decided to join Accenture because of my interest in strategy and the importance of technology within the business environment. Accenture offers end-to-end solutions for their clients and starting my consulting career here was the most promising opportunity.

Straight after I finished induction and training, I was scheduled on my first project. I also took part in a New Joiner Orientation (NJO) program and four days of Analyst Essentials Training which was great.

The NJO program was great to meet people from all over the business. The Analyst Essentials was enjoyable as it was run virtually from London so we interacted with people from different areas and it was more relevant to your specific service line.

My current role is a Business Analyst on a customer experience piece for an Australian insurance company.

Transitioning from student life to work life at Accenture was very smooth. All the grads are invited to ‘keep in touch’ events, a LinkedIn group and you can even download a fun, interactive app that simulates a consulting experience.

What has surprised me working at Accenture is the incredible diversity of colleagues – it feels like I work around the world sometimes by interacting with people from different countries on a daily basis.

The two most important skills for what I do are problem solving and collaboration. You then develop a business skillset and industry knowledge from on-the-job experience.

Working at Accenture is honestly everything that I hoped for and more – you do something different every day and get to work with amazing people. It’s a truly global firm that helps its clients address their critical problems to perform better.

What makes me proud to work at Accenture is the incredible diversity and accepting workforce culture. Everyone is given the opportunity to excel as they are all treated equally.
The company also provides benefits for all of its employees, such as flexible work arrangements and gym discounts.

It’s a fantastic working environment and I felt welcomed and part of the team from day one. When you join you are assigned a peer advisor and career counsellor who help you find your feet and understand all the tools available to kick-start your career.

Accenture’s culture is underpinned by collaboration and diversity. Its core values also resonate with me on a daily basis, in particular having respect for the individual and client value creation.

My job is not a typical repetitive office desk job. Strategy work is constantly changing and challenges you personally and professionally every day.

The people at Accenture are absolutely amazing – so welcoming, supportive and friendly to work with. I always say that people can make or break your experience at work – and they are definitely making my experience so far.

The people here are generally smart, driven and true team players. They want to see you succeed, so they help you when needed and support your development.

I really would recommend Accenture as a great place to work. There are so many different opportunities across strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations that anyone could find their place here.

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