September 11, 2019
From winter wonderland to summer paradise
By: Jorunn Matthiessen

Oslo native Jorunn Matthiessen flew from Norway to Australia to uncover a different world from what she had always known. Jorunn shares why she wanted to make the move and what she's enjoying about her new home.

Skiing in Norway

I’ve always wanted to work abroad and see what life would be like outside my comfort zone. So, armed with three years of valuable work experience in Oslo, I applied for relocation to Accenture’s Sydney office. Moving to Australia seemed like such an adventure. I didn’t want to miss this unique opportunity, although it is hard being away from friends and family at times.

I joined Accenture in Norway in 2015, serving some of our largest Health & Public Service clients in the Nordics. Before moving to Australia, I worked as a workstream lead for a data-driven capacity planning strategy project with the Norwegian Police Service. Accenture helped the client complete investigation analysis that highlighted how changes in reported crime are affecting capacity requirements. This result provided the Force with strategic insights on how to plan for changing capacity requirements in the future.

My relocation took several months to organise and a few internal check points, but I’m glad I persisted and now have this exciting new opportunity.

A new culture to absorb
I’m currently a change lead for a resource client for Accenture in Australia. Since arriving here in January 2019, I’ve found that people in Sydney are more laid back and outgoing. I easily connect with our clients and identify their pain points and business needs.

Settling in takes time, but my colleagues in the office helped make the transition smooth. I’ve also tapped our Women’s Network in Sydney, which is an excellent platform to meet like-minded girlfriends I could turn to for help as well as hang out with outside of work.

Life in Sydney is quite different compared to living in Oslo. Everyone at work here makes it a point to go out for coffee and lunch, and this healthy work-life balance is a fantastic part of Aussie culture. People are always naturally eager to socialise and get to know each other better. This keenness to engage enhances our ability to collaborate with teammates and clients.

At Montague Island

From the slopes to the beach
Climate-wise, the move has been nothing short of amazing. When I moved here back in January, I flew out from a winter wonderland in Oslo and landed in a summer paradise in Sydney. Having gone skiing the day before I arrived, it felt surreal getting to go to the beach the next day.

You can do loads of interesting things at any given time in Sydney’s gorgeous beaches. Oslo, located on a beautiful fjord, also offers unique thrills with peaceful mountains and forests just a short drive from the city. But now that I’ve been living on the beach in Bondi, I’m really enjoying my daily pre-office morning swim. Being in this part of the world is turning me into a warm weather person.

I love staying active and spending as much time outdoors as possible, so this move fits well with my interests. Because I’m surrounded by so much nature, I usually go for a run or a swim before or after work. On my days off, I stay out for as long as possible! I can’t wait to head out with friends and see more of Australia and the surrounding islands.

At Hyams Beach during the Easter holiday

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