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January 30, 2017
My application process via Accenture Adventure
By: Tash Lay

It's been almost a year since I've joined Accenture so I thought it would be perfect to share with you my application process and other details about how I got in.

I first heard about the Accenture Adventure program through my university's social media. It is essentially a one day program where you undertake a series of exciting challenges. It opens ahead of the Graduate program so it's a perfect opportunity to fast-track your role at Accenture!

So how did it work for me?

1. Submit your CV and transcript within the timeframes

- Ask one of your friends to perform a sanity check on your CV. You would be amazed at how important this step is. Sometimes another pair of eyes can help you detect errors or even provide suggestions on how you can improve your CV.

- What worked for me was focusing on my work experience and extra-curricular. It's important to demonstrate what type of skills you gained out of it and how it could be transferable to work.

- Ensure you are eligible to apply! These details can be found on the Accenture website.

2. Undergo psychometric testing

If Accenture gives you the go ahead, you will then be invited to complete a series of tests.

- While these type of tests are not exactly something you can study for, check out some examples online so you can familiarise yourself with the structure of it and the type of questions they might ask.

- Put yourself in an environment where you will not be interrupted.

- Make sure you have all the necessary materials to set you up for success (e.g. calculator, pen and paper, bottle of water).

3. Phone interview with recruitment

If you are successful, then you will receive a phone interview with someone in recruitment.

- They will ask about what areas of Accenture you might be interested in so perform some research beforehand! Check out our website and YouTube account.

- If you have any questions about the process or Accenture in general, this is a perfect opportunity to ask.

4. Face to face interview with an Accenture employee

- You will be given the name of your interviewer ahead of the interview so make sure you check them out on LinkedIn. This will provide more context on what area your interviewer is in.

- Ask for their email and send them a thank you note after the interview. Make a lasting impact!

5. Accenture Adventure day

If you are successful, you will get the opportunity to attend an Accenture Adventure Day. We were put in different groups and completed a series of fun challenges that involved demonstrating how we solved problems in teams. You also undergo a final interview with a lead in your area. Once the day is over, they will notify you about whether or not you have secured a graduate position. Times vary so it’s best to check with your recruitment lead.

- Sleep early beforehand!

- Be yourself – I cannot stress this enough. It's always important to remember that this is a two-way process. Just like how we create a set of processes to see if you will work well with us, it's also important to make sure that you think we are a good fit for you!

- Have fun – It’s a great opportunity to meet other students and current employees at Accenture. On one of my projects, I was lucky enough to work with some of the students that I met on this day!

I hope this insight helps… good luck!!

*So it’s not a shock to you, we wanted to let you know that since Natasha completed her application process the application process has changed. You’ll now be expected to complete a video interview stage, right before the phone interview. You can complete the interview on your smart phone, tablet or laptop as long as you have video and audio capability. You can even re-record your responses if you muck up your first try :)

Applications for the 2017 Accenture Adventure are now open. Learn more.

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