March 06, 2017
Meet our IWD Grad Ambassadors

International Women’s day is here! If you are attending be sure to say hello to our grad ambassadors and let them know what IWD means to you. If you are unable to make it, or you have not yet decided to join Accenture then follow us during IWD in Melbourne for sneak peeks, interviews and live broadcasts from the event itself.

If you are reading this after IWD – check out some of the highlights here.

Rima and Kellen will be bringing lots of the action to you on the day – here they are:

Rima Davis


About me:
Hi, I’m Rima. I’ve got a nickname at Accenture, I’m known as a ‘surprising little ant’, the ant part I think is just because I am short. The surprising part is because I surprise people with what I have to offer. I go out of my way to get what I believe is right.

I am really hoping you’ll be able to join me at International Women’s Day with Accenture.

To me IWD is a day to celebrate the spirit of womanhood and the strides that women from across the globe have made in every sphere of life. It’s my first IWD with Accenture so I am super excited to share this with you, and looking forward to seeing what’s in store.

Kellen Huang


About me:
Hi I’m Kellen, I haven’t started my adventure with Accenture yet but I will be soon. I like reading and finding then filling up on Netflix and the latest series when I have some free time. I also used to do aircraft maintenance as a job, ask me about it some time :)

IWD to me is a perfect way to celebrate women’s achievements and I’m really looking forward to being part of Accenture’s IWD celebration and meeting some really interesting people.

Our applications for 2018 are now closed but there will be more opportunities in the future. Let us know you are still interested by registering here.

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