August 09, 2017
We asked Martina about her thoughts on working in Accenture Security
By: Accenture Recruitment

Interview with Martina Mueller, Security Consulting Senior Manager at AccentureMartina Meuller

What 4 words would you use to describe yourself? Passionate, Mum, sports, strategic thinker.

My Accenture Security moment is: When you swipe your office card at your apartment block because you have been so busy solving a client’s security challenge…

My Accenture career moment is: I recently attended a 6-month global leadership development program (LDP). It was simply amazing! But not just that - I could attend while on maternity leave! Even better, I could bring my daughter Sophie to the in-person workshops in Dublin and Chicago, enabling me to combine my love for my daughter and the love for the work I do every day.

I joined Accenture Security because: I worked in a few other areas within Accenture before I moved to Security. It’s just an area I have always been passionate about.

I stay with Accenture Security because: We have a fantastic team and leadership, an inclusive culture, a wealth of global knowledge and a diverse range of opportunities to continue to learn and grow.

My best project of work I’ve worked on is: As part of the leadership program I worked with a global team on how we can engage more women in Cyber Security – ranging from school aged girls via university students to experienced IT / Management savvy women established in the workforce. Outside of this I am also very excited to be a mentor for the “Tech Girls are Superheroes” initiative that Accenture is sponsoring.

How does working in Accenture Security help you innovate and grow in your career? It’s the training and career opportunities. For example, attending a Harvard Business Course on Innovation and Disruption and attending the leadership development program. In terms of Security - with our Security Research and Cyber Labs you’re always on the pulse of what’s happening or what’s about to happen in the market.

What do you enjoy most about working in a global business? Our global business enabled me to move from the Vienna office to Australia where I have been for almost 10 years now. Apart from those opportunities it’s the global collaboration and wealth of knowledge and support you receive every day.

What does flexibility mean to you and in what ways is Accenture allowing you to work flexibly? Flexibility is very individual and it’s about finding flexible working arrangement to suit your own needs. For me, having 2 young children and a partner who works at Accenture, we’ve been supported by Accenture and have leveraged most of what’s on offer - a compressed work week, working from home, flexible hours, part-time work, maternity and paternity leave.

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