March 07, 2017
Inspiring the next generation of graduates
By: Gina Minatel

Returning to a university that you graduated from is always a nostalgic experience, filled with both good and stressful memories. On Monday night I had the opportunity to return to the University of Queensland not to study, but to influence the next generation of inspiring graduates with two work colleagues.

The University of Queensland

We walked through an area known as the great court, which is full of beautifully carved sand stone buildings with a field of grass in the middle. As we strolled along we talked about the experiences we each individually shared in this location, and it made me realise how far I have come in a couple of years.

We eventually made it to the building where the event was located. We were spoilt by great views and an amazing sunset looking over the UQ Lakes. Surrounded by enthusiastic and driven students we slowly made our way around the room. A couple of people grabbed my attention throughout the night through the conversations we had. I shared my journey with them, and imparted some knowledge that I wish I knew when I was in their position.

From being a university student, looking for grad positions and finally obtaining a job the biggest lesson I learnt was that your GPA is critical to passing the first round of graduate recruitment, and to be engaged. Engagement not only in your studies but in every aspect of life. Throughout my journey I found that most jobs wanted a holistic employee. Someone that had experience in a causal job or work experience as well as working in a team, whether that we a sporting team or being actively involved in a club or society at Uni.

These endeavours help develop soft skills that are also a critical part of the working world, like communication and collaboration. These are abilities I definitely use within my day to day life at Accenture, and I am glad I developed these skills over time via different avenues. After all communication is key.

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