April 17, 2018
What should I read to prepare for a career at Accenture?
By: Bradley Kim, Lara Beattie, Harrison Gray and Minqian Tan

Bradley Kim:

Read newspapers for a start. Especially if you’re interested in working at Accenture. My advice would be to read about any upcoming technologies in Business Insider or The Financial Review to make sure you’re up-to-date on the new technologies in the market. A lot of people talk about different technologies so if you’ve at least heard about it or read about a little bit about it it’s a big advantage. It will also be good if you can throw those things in during the interview process – it shows your interest in the industry Accenture is involved in.

Lara Beattie:

Spend a lot time researching and reading through Accenture’s case studies. There are lots of different examples available and it is important to know about who Accenture’s clients are and what kind of work and services they have been delivering as well as any challenges that may have arose.

Minqian Tan:

I would recommend reading magazines around the tech side of business and all the latest technologies. Everything is going to change so much in the next 10 or 20 years so it’s good to have knowledge around the latest technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Robotics, Cloud or Security. You can get this from tech blogs or magazines or the technology section of the paper or national geographic. It’s always good to have an overview of what’s happening and what’s going to change in the future.

Harrison Gray:

I don’t have a specific book to prepare for life at Accenture, but A.C Greyling’s ‘The Meaning of Things’ focuses the mind and is just a good read in general.

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