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July 08, 2016
How a graduate enjoys diversity at Accenture
By: Lucy Summers

In 2015, I joined Accenture as a management consulting analyst at the Canberra office. Prior to joining Accenture, I completed a bachelor of arts in economics and advanced French; received a graduate diploma in legal practice; and completed a master of laws in legal practice specialising in international law, governance and development. I attended the Australian National University and University of Queensland for my postgraduate and undergraduate degrees, respectively.

Before starting work here, I did not attend any event on campus, and I was not part of any Accenture program. But I had some friends who worked for Accenture in Europe. What made me join Accenture was the opportunity to be intellectually challenged by a variety of projects and roles.

Since working here, I’ve taken on various roles. At Technology Consulting, I was tasked to design and test roles. At Management Consulting, I’ve delved into business and strategic analysis. Currently, I’m designing a training program on the overarching learning system of a national government department.

One of the great things about working at Accenture is the opportunity to be flexible. I’ve worked with diverse colleagues, and have been part of the winning team of the Australia and New Zealand Innovation Challenge.

Accenture also offers learning and development courses. After taking the Women in Leadership course, I’ve gained greater understanding on how to leverage women’s challenges and opportunities in the corporate world today. Attending the course was also an opportunity to network with other female colleagues in different roles across Australia.

The Mental Health Ally Training is another course I have taken at Accenture.
It’s a fantastic Accenture initiative that encourages positive mental health. The training provides employees an understanding of mental health, and equips them with the knowledge to assist colleagues who may be suffering from mental health problems, with the overall goal of improving employee engagement.

When I’m not at Accenture, I travel. I just love discovering new places and cultures!

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