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July 01, 2016
How Accenture provides opportunities for growth
By: Andrew Welch

I’m an infrastructure consulting analyst based in Canberra. Before joining Accenture in September 2014, I completed my bachelor of engineering with honours degree in mechanical and materials, at the Australian National University (ANU). My undergraduate thesis was on novel spacecraft propulsion techniques. I also spent a year on an exchange program at The University of Texas at Austin where I learned about fire science and nuclear engineering.

My current role at Accenture has seen me taking on significant responsibilities over time. As an applications analysis lead, I assist in the delivery of 200 applications and assessment of more than 3,000 applications for an infrastructure rollout serving approximately 100,000 people. I am also responsible for assessing thousands of applications in the client’s infrastructure, and enabling a team of five to deliver updated applications. On a regular basis, I engage with client architects to improve business processes and procedures.

Prior to becoming an infrastructure consulting analyst, I’ve had two distinct roles at Accenture. As a migration analyst, I assisted the rollout of a desktop refresh to secretary-level VIPs across the country, and travelled to sites across Australia that were experiencing challenges in completing migration.

I’ve also taken on the role of an environment manager, which put me in charge of coordinating releases for a remote desktop environment that served 20,000 users.

I decided to join Accenture as a graduate because it gave the most well-rounded graduate offer I received. It offered ongoing employment instead of a limited term and rotating grad program. It also offered an opportunity in the corporate consulting world that I’d been quite interested in getting into. Accenture sponsored the ANU Engineering Students Association as well.

What sets Accenture's Graduate Roles apart is that there is no “grad program”—you are part of the team from day one. You quickly find yourself in an area of work that makes a difference to the client or the project. In my first few weeks, I was communicating and interacting with client executives and their staff. The action on the ground is dynamic and incredibly fast-paced. At times, I find myself running around the building to get things done!

The initial training at Accenture was a huge surprise. We had two weeks in a conference centre in the United States with 100 other new employees from around the globe. That experience was the first time I have met so many people and made so many friends. so fast I still maintain relationships with many of these people around the world.

One of the great things about working at Accenture is that you get opportunities to work or travel anywhere. Although my current project is here in Canberra, I travel occasionally to other cities for project work and conferences. This has allowed me to develop an international network of colleagues that I can collaborate with. If I felt like taking up a new role in Germany, within a day I could have 10 colleagues in the country helping me search for projects and roles.

I’ve been on training to the Q Center in St. Charles, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, for a two-week fundamentals course, where I learned about the basics of what it means to be an infrastructure consultant. I’ve also attended certification courses from Microsoft and VMWare, and been to Sydney for an AWS conference. There are just so many opportunities, both on and off the project.

In terms of achievement, I am most proud of having recently completed the documentation for application architectures that will be accepted into one of the largest Australian government departments. The documentation will be part of the guidelines for new and upgraded applications.

Overall, I have found a fantastic work environment at Accenture. My peers and colleagues enable and support my successes, my team leaders encourage and acknowledge achievements, and the leadership develop and foster growth for people at all levels.

I would absolutely recommend Accenture to friends as a place to work. I know that Accenture welcomes everybody: People with different educational backgrounds and from diverse cultures. It’s this diversity that makes Accenture the place that I want to work at—every day—and want to share with my friends.

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