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May 09, 2016
Helping improve the lives of New Zealanders
By: Sophie Dodson

I joined Accenture as a Management Consulting Analyst in 2015, and I am based in Auckland. I completed a Bachelor of Business (in Finance and Economics) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Art Business focussing on 17th – 19th Century Art History prior to joining Accenture. I love Art History, specifically 18th Century painting and I also enjoy hiking and travelling.

My decision to join Accenture was because some of my friends had worked for Accenture outside of New Zealand, and had shared great things about the projects they worked on and general career opportunities within the organisation. When I graduated, Accenture had only recently opened in Auckland (and New Zealand), and I felt that being a part of a new office would give me greater opportunities than I might get at another consulting firm.

When I started as a grad I noticed many of the other new graduates in my office commenting that the culture in Accenture is not at all like they were expecting, and that their ideas and contributions are really valued. They had thought that they would be overlooked due to their inexperience.

I started on my current project prior to go-live of the service. It was very busy and the Accenture team was much bigger. Now we are normalising the clients operations and the team has shrunk considerably, and therefore, my role has become quite broad. My current role involves system and process analysis and design, along with testing of new features.

I believe the two most important skills to have in my role are strong relationship building skills, and flexibility. Strong relationships building skills are important with the clients and the other vendors on client site. When people like you and respect the work that you turn out, it makes things run much more smoothly. The other one is flexibility. Some parts of my role are unlike anything I have ever done before (or expected to be doing), but having the right attitude, being willing to learn and get involved is valued by the more senior members of the team.

Working at Accenture is definitely different to what I had imagined. I was not expecting to enjoy my job as much as I do; my previous roles outside of Accenture were not as interesting and fun as working at Accenture is. It has been more technology focussed than I was expecting, but this has not been a bad thing at all. As a result my outlook on technology and the types of work there is in technology is now completely different.

Accenture is a solutions focused, collaborative environment where you get to work with the best people. The company also really values long-term relationships with their clients. Accenture does not just give advice and leave; they are invested in their client’s businesses in the long term.

I’m proud to work at Accenture because the service that we have been working on will be something that improves the lives of New Zealanders for at least the next ten years, being a part of making that happen, and knowing that without the Accenture team the service provided to New Zealanders would not be as strong, is a great feeling.

Since starting at Accenture, something that surprised me is how great all the people are – everyone that I have worked with or met have been so nice, interesting and engaging. The great working environment is something that I cannot stress enough. It’s very collaborative, and my Accenture colleagues are great. Everyone is extremely nice and supportive of your goals and interests. I have been able to work and share ideas with people from other offices who have similar professional interests to me, and everyone I have met encourages this sort of collaboration.

To summarise a typical Accenture employee I would call them engaging, interesting and smart.

When I’m involved in recruitment events at universities in New Zealand, I do not have to fib at all when I am encouraging people to apply! The worst thing you can do is not send in your application!

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