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February 24, 2016
How to stay adventurous when you launch your career

So you’ve spent the last few years studying, possibly doing some part-time work and having a good time.

You’ve had some excellent adventures, made plenty of new friends, learnt new skills, and may have even had the opportunity to travel the world.

Now it’s finally time to launch your career in your first graduate position.

This could also be your first foray into full-time work and you’re probably wondering if the adventures will continue.

The good news is that with the right employer, you can be as adventurous as ever while still building an excellent career.

Here are some tips to stay adventurous:

Plan your adventures. Once you start working or have received a job offer, consider how you’ll spend your annual leave and what you can book during your first 12 months. The most adventurous holidays tend to be the ones we actually plan for – where we aim to stretch ourselves, to test our comfort levels and learn some valuable lessons along the way. Having pre-booked trips in the diary is a great way to manage stress and retain your focus at work.

Find weekend clubs and associations. Interested in twilight sailing? Trail running? Kite surfing? No matter what your adventure choices, you’ll find like-minded people who’re looking to learn or improve at such activities, and make new friends in the process. Look for clubs and associations online, as well as groups on social media to find regular meet-ups and relevant activities.

Find employers that embrace diversity. An employer that truly supports and promotes diversity will understand the value of working with employees who have a wide range of life experiences and ambitions. Being around people who are different from us makes us more creative, encourages innovation and is a more exciting work environment. People with different backgrounds bring new information and encourages diversity of thinking. They’ll understand the importance of offering flexible working opportunities to support how employees manage their time outside of work. Seeking such employers will be vital for retaining your adventurous lifestyle. And while you’re at work, get acquainted with a wide range of people across the organisation.

Look for international work opportunities. Is your new employer global? Consider the opportunities it offers for new and recent grads overseas, such as secondments, transfers, and new roles. Focus on your ideal city or region, learn as much as you can about it, and if you’re interested in overseas work, choose an employer that could potentially offer the opportunity to travel.

Stay active and get fit. How has the university lifestyle affected your fitness and wellbeing? Perhaps you’ve embraced an active lifestyle, or perhaps your years at uni have put you in need of a long detox. Launching your career is the time to consider how you’ll make exercise a regular part of your routine. Being active, meanwhile, is key to staying adventurous. So get fit, stay fit and plan activities that test your endurance and limits.

Set your adventure budget. Let’s face it, adventures can be expensive, despite the priceless experiences they offer. Set a budget for such experiences, and put a little aside every week to support your adventurous lifestyle.

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