January 12, 2017
My first 6 months
By: Gina Minatel
Gina Gina

I started my Accenture journey in February 2016 and my first project in March. It was nice to have a transitioning month between starting a new job and my first project. The first few weeks were focused on understanding Accenture’s values and the company culture. I also went to Kuala Lumpur for analyst school.

The two weeks that I was away in Malaysia consisted of networking with other analysts from the Asia Pacific region, and learning the waterfall and AGILE software development life cycles. During our spare time the other analysts and I also had the chance to experience the Malaysian culture and nightlife!

During the Analyst school I was assigned my first project. My first project was a great experience. I had a great team that was diverse and supportive. The work that we were producing on the project was also challenging and rewarding.

Over the last nine months Accenture has hosted an array of networking events. These events have been a good way to meet other employees within Accenture in a fun social setting. The event that was the most memorable was Accenture’s Got Talent (Brisbane).

Accenture’s Got Talent consisted of an array of Brisbane teams creating an act for the talent show, the other Accenture attendees voted on the best act. The act that received the most money won and all the proceeds went to charity.

It is hard to believe that I have almost been at Accenture for a year. I have learnt a vast amount about myself both professionally and personally, and I am excited to see what year two at Accenture will bring. :)

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