January 30, 2017
A day in the life
By: Gina Minatel

A day in the life of an Accenture analyst always begins with a cup of coffee. Caffeine is always a good way to tackle the flurry of meetings and solution design that will come with the day ahead. My morning begins with usual administration tasks, like checking emails, meetings for the day as well as engaging with work colleagues.

In an AGILE work environment (one of the methods used in software delivery), a daily stand up is held usually in the morning to hear the team’s plan of attack for the day, to get a status update on any outstanding tasks and to investigate whether there is anything preventing tasks from being completed. After the daily stand up specific meetings are usually held with different members of the team to finalise existing work, or to start new tasks in the two-week sprint. I have been involved mostly in design, so most of my time is spent liaising with clients and getting a deep understanding of the look and feel of the product, then communicating that information to the build team.

Currently, I am working on Detailed Solution Design with my team consisting of members in Brisbane, Canberra and Hobart. At the moment my team and I are mostly discussing the high level design and the end to end solution with the client and different design representatives. This knowledge will then give my colleagues and I a deeper understanding of the requirements needed to be able to develop the detailed design.

I have usually worked up quite an appetite after a morning of meetings and planning so I try and get out of the office for lunch. Luckily enough, there are a number of different food options to choose from within walking distance. Depending how busy the project team is, we usually go for lunch as a team or with other Accenture colleagues working at the same client site but on different projects. It’s good to socialise at lunch to break up the day, as well as find out what exciting things other projects are currently working on.

After lunch the day goes pretty quickly, catching up on anything from the morning that was unfinished or completing tasks that were set from the morning of brain storming. When the day does come to an end I always feel like I have achieved something, creating value for the client and Accenture and ready to start afresh and energized for the next day of surprises to come again.

The most surreal thing about my job is the people I get to work with, and the products I get to work on. Working in consulting is a dynamic, fast paced industry that definitely keeps you on your toes. It keeps life interesting and I’m always excited to hear what is in store next!

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